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  2. Taliq script - Wikipedia

    The taʿlīq ( Persian: تعلیق, lit. 'hanging') script is a style in Islamic calligraphy designed specifically to satisfy the needs of the Persian language. It emerged in the mid-13th century from gradual changes in the naskh style, and also incorporated influences from riqa and tawqi.

  3. Freestyle Script - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Text of Freestyle Script Freestyle Script is an informal display script typeface that was designed by Colin Brignall in 1969 and Martin Wait in 1981, by Letraset. Freestyle Script is famously used for commercials in 1980s, birthday cards, decorative, logos and many others. The bold version was designed in 1986.

  4. Klingon scripts - Wikipedia

    The Klingon scripts are fictional alphabetic scripts used in the Star Trek movies and television shows to write the Klingon language . In Marc Okrand 's The Klingon Dictionary, the Klingon script is called pIqaD, but no information is given about it. When Klingon letters are used in Star Trek productions, they are merely decorative graphic ...

  5. Zaner-Bloser (teaching script) - Wikipedia

    script sample The Zaner-Bloser (also Zaner-Bloser Method) is a teaching script for handwriting based on Latin script as well as a system of penmanship instruction, which originated around 1904 at the Zanerian College of Penmanship in Columbus, Ohio.

  6. Lontara script - Wikipedia

    Lontara is a descendant of the Kawi script, used in Maritime Southeast Asia around 800 CE. It is unclear whether the script is a direct descendant from Kawi, or derived from one of Kawi's other descendants. One theory states that it is modelled after the Rejang script, perhaps due to their graphical similarities.

  7. Spencerian script - Wikipedia

    Palmer Method, a form of penmanship instruction developed in the late 19th century that replaced Spencerian script as the most popular handwriting system in the United States Round hand, a style of handwriting and calligraphy originating in England in the 1660s Zaner-Bloser, another streamlined form of Spencerian script Teaching script

  8. Spec script - Wikipedia

    A spec script, also known as a speculative screenplay, is a non-commissioned and unsolicited screenplay. It is usually written by a screenwriter who hopes to have the script optioned and eventually purchased by a producer, production company, or studio .

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    related to: free site search script sample