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  2. Mutual fund - Wikipedia

    Mutual funds are regulated by governmental bodies and are required to publish information including performance, comparison of performance to benchmarks, fees charged, and securities held. A single mutual fund may have several share classes by which larger investors pay lower fees. Hedge funds and exchange-traded funds are not mutual funds.

  3. Investment fund - Wikipedia

    Open-end funds called mutual funds and ETFs are common. As of 2019, the top 5 asset managers accounted for 55% of the 19.3 trillion in mutual fund and ETF investments. However, for active management, the top 5 account for 22% of the market, with the top 10 accounting for 30% and the top 25 accounting for 39%.

  4. Fund governance - Wikipedia

    Fund governance refers to a system of checks and balances and work performed by the governing body (board) of an investment fund to ensure that the fund is operated not only in accordance with law, but also in the best interests of the fund and its investors.

  5. Index fund - Wikipedia

    Bogle founded The Vanguard Group in 1974; as of 2009 it was the largest mutual fund company in the United States. Bogle started the First Index Investment Trust on December 31, 1975. At the time, it was heavily derided by competitors as being "un-American" and the fund itself was seen as "Bogle's folly".

  6. Performance attribution - Wikipedia

    Performance attribution From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Performance attribution, or investment performance attribution is a set of techniques that performance analysts use to explain why a portfolio 's performance differed from the benchmark. This difference between the portfolio return and the benchmark return is known as the active return.

  7. Fidelity Magellan Fund - Wikipedia

    The Fidelity Magellan Fund ( Mutual fund: FMAGX) is a U.S.-domiciled mutual fund from the Fidelity family of funds. It is perhaps the world's best-known actively managed mutual fund, known particularly for its record-setting growth under the management of Peter Lynch from 1977 to 1990.

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    related to: fund performance public mutual