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  2. Mutual Funds: Everything You Need To Know

    Mutual fund companies can charge as much as 8.5% of the purchase price of a mutual fund for the loan. No-Load Funds No-load funds do not charge a sales load, but that doesn’t mean they’re ...

  3. Mutual fund - Wikipedia

    A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities.The term is typically used in the United States, Canada, and India, while similar structures across the globe include the SICAV in Europe ('investment company with variable capital') and open-ended investment company (OEIC) in the UK.

  4. Mutual fund fees and expenses - Wikipedia

    One notable component of the expense ratio of U.S. funds is the "12b-1 fee", which represents expenses used for advertising and promotion of the fund. 12b-1 fees are paid by the fund out of mutual fund assets and are generally limited to a maximum of 1.00% per year (.75% distribution and .25% shareholder servicing) under FINRA Rules.

  5. Money market fund - Wikipedia

    A money market fund (also called a money market mutual fund) is an open-ended mutual fund that invests in short-term debt securities such as US Treasury bills and commercial paper. Money market funds are managed with the goal of maintaining a highly stable asset value through liquid investments, while paying income to investors in the form of ...

  6. The Vanguard Group - Wikipedia

    In December 1986, Vanguard launched its second mutual fund, a bond index fund called the Total Bond Fund, which was the first bond index fund ever offered to individual investors. One earlier criticism of the first Index fund was that it was only an index of the S&P 500.

  7. Closed-end fund - Wikipedia

    Sometimes, the mutual fund company repurchases units periodically, where investors are offered an option to sell their units back to the mutual fund house. Exchange-traded. Closed-end fund shares are traded anytime between market opening and closing hours at whatever price the market will support.

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    related to: fund price public mutual