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  2. Regnery Publishing - Wikipedia

    The first, Henry Regnery Company, was founded in Chicago in 1947 and split in 1977, forming Regnery Gateway Inc. and Contemporary Books Inc. Under the leadership of Henry Regnery's son, Alfred Regnery, Regnery Gateway became the modern-day Regnery Publishing. Henry Regnery Company (1947–77)

  3. List of fake news websites - Wikipedia

    The Gateway Pundit: A far-right fake news website that repeatedly publishes false stories, including a story involving an unsubstantiated claim that Special Counsel head Robert Mueller sexually assaulted someone. Global Times: A daily tabloid owned by the Chinese government. Global Associated News

  4. Giuliani, right-wing outlet sued by Ga. election workers [Video]

    It was the second defamation lawsuit by 2 Fulton County election workers over debunked claims they committed fraud to try to alter the outcome of the presidential election in Georgia.

  5. Perpetual traveler - Wikipedia

    The term "perpetual traveler" (also "PT", "permanent tourist", or "prior taxpayer") refers to the idea that by basing different aspects of one's life in different countries and not spending too long in any one place, a person can reduce taxes, avoid civic duties, and increase personal freedom.

  6. Wayne Allyn Root - Wikipedia

    Wayne Allyn Root (born July 20, 1961) is an American conservative radio host, author, activist, far-right political commentator and conspiracy theorist. He is the host of The Wayne Allyn Root Show on KBET and the USA Radio Network and formerly on Newsmax TV.

  7. The Daily Caller - Wikipedia

    The Daily Caller is a right-wing news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C. It was founded by now-Fox News host Tucker Carlson and political pundit Neil Patel in 2010.. Launched as a "conservative answer to The Huffington Post", The Daily Caller quadrupled its audience and became profitable by 2012, surpassing several rival websites by 20

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