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  2. Regnery Publishing - Wikipedia

    The first, Henry Regnery Company, was founded in Chicago in 1947 and split in 1977, forming Regnery Gateway Inc. and Contemporary Books Inc. Under the leadership of Henry Regnery's son, Alfred Regnery, Regnery Gateway became the modern-day Regnery Publishing. Henry Regnery Company (1947–77)

  3. Perpetual traveler - Wikipedia

    The term "perpetual traveler" (also "PT", "permanent tourist", or "prior taxpayer") refers to the idea that by basing different aspects of one's life in different countries and not spending too long in any one place, a person can reduce taxes, avoid civic duties, and increase personal freedom.

  4. Refuse Fascism - Wikipedia

    Refuse Fascism is a U.S.-based anti-fascist coalition organization, co-initiated by Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.Until the 2020 United States presidential election, it was characterized by its call for the removal of the Trump administration by nonviolent street protests.

  5. Managerial state - Wikipedia

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