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  2. CNBC - Wikipedia

    CNBC (formerly Consumer News and Business Channel) is an American basic cable business news channel.It provides business news programming on weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time, while broadcasting talk shows, investigative reports, documentaries, infomercials, reality shows, and other programs at all other times.

  3. Huawei - Wikipedia

    In 2004, Huawei signed a $10 billion credit line with China Development Bank to provide low-cost financing to customers buying its telecommunications equipment to support its sales outside of China. This line of credit was tripled to $30 billion in 2009. In 2005, Huawei's foreign contract orders exceeded its domestic sales for the first time.

  4. Television - Wikipedia

    Etymology. The word television comes from Ancient Greek τῆλε (tele) 'far', and Latin visio 'sight'. The first documented usage of the term dates back to 1900, when the Russian scientist Constantin Perskyi used it in a paper that he presented in French at the first International Congress of Electricity, which ran from 18 to 25 August 1900 during the International World Fair in Paris.

  5. 2022 boycott of Russia and Belarus - Wikipedia

    Amazon ceased shipping of products in Russia and Belarus. They removed Amazon Prime Video access in Russia. They are not accepting customers based in Russia or Belarus for Amazon Web Services and Amazon third-party sellers. 9 March 2022 Deere & Company: Heavy equipment United States: Deere & Company had ended shipments to Russia and Belarus.

  6. List of William Shakespeare screen adaptations - Wikipedia

    Videotaped as part of PBS's Great Performances series at Lincoln Center, New York City, this production starring The Flying Karamazov Brothers combined Shakespeare with slapstick, acrobatics and juggling on the basis that "in Ephesus, you juggle or die!" with Shakespeare himself taking part in the action.