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  2. United States Agency for International Development - Wikipedia

    In 1978, legislation drafted at the request of Senator Hubert Humphrey was introduced to create a Cabinet-level International Development Cooperation Agency (IDCA), whose intended role was to supervise USAID in place of the State Department. However, although IDCA was established by Executive Order in September 1979, it did not in practice make ...

  3. Water supply and sanitation in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    The German Corporation for International Cooperation (GTZ, now GIZ) supported the sector through the rural water supply and sanitation program, designed to improve the living conditions of the poor in selected rural areas of the country. The program sought to overcome the institutional confusion and to strengthen governmental organizations at ...

  4. Chalk line - Wikipedia

    A chalk line or chalk box is a tool for marking long, straight lines on relatively flat surfaces, much farther than is practical by hand or with a straightedge.They may be used to lay out straight lines between two points, or vertical lines by using the weight of the line reel as a plumb line.

  5. Calcium sulfate - Wikipedia

    Calcium sulfate (or calcium sulphate) is the inorganic compound with the formula CaSO 4 and related hydrates.In the form of γ-anhydrite (the anhydrous form), it is used as a desiccant.

  6. Airbus E-Fan - Wikipedia

    Airbus stated at that time that there are plans for development of a commercial regional aircraft in the near future. The E-Fan is an all-electric two-seat twin-motor low-wing monoplane of composite material structure. It has a T-tail and a retractable tandem landing gear with outrigger wheels. The two motors are mounted on either side of the ...

  7. Water supply and sanitation in Tunisia - Wikipedia

    The French Development Agency AFD, the African Development Bank, the European Investment Bank, the German development bank KfW, the German technical cooperation agency GIZ and the World Bank are among Tunisia's major external partners in the water sector. Since 2000 donors have increasingly financed projects jointly instead of each donor ...

  8. Dan Wheldon - Wikipedia

    The Dan Wheldon International Driver Trophy was awarded to the best performing international driver over the race weekend of the Australian V8 Supercars Gold Coast 600. The trophy was named after Wheldon following his death, which took place a week prior to the 2011 event in which he was scheduled to participate with the Holden Racing Team .

  9. 6 - Wikipedia

    6 is the largest of the four all-Harshad numbers.. A six-sided polygon is a hexagon, one of the three regular polygons capable of tiling the plane. Figurate numbers representing hexagons (including six) are called hexagonal numbers.