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  2. Inbox by Gmail - Wikipedia

    Inbox by Gmail scans the user's incoming Gmail messages for information. It gathers email messages related to the same overall topic to an organized bundle with a title describing the bundle's content. For example, flight tickets, car rentals, and hotel reservations are grouped to "Travel", giving the user an easier overview of emails.

  3. History of Gmail - Wikipedia

    The public history of Gmail dates back to 2004.Gmail, a free, advertising-supported webmail service with support for Email clients, is a product from Google.Over its history, the Gmail interface has become integrated with many other products and services from the company, with basic integration as part of Google Account and specific integration points with services such as Google+, Google ...

  4. Google Images - Wikipedia

    Google Images (previously Google Image Search) is a search engine owned by Google that allows users to search the World Wide Web for images. It was introduced on July 12, 2001 due to a demand for pictures of the Green Versace dress of Jennifer Lopez worn in February 2000.

  5. Google Talk - Wikipedia

    Messages can be up to 10 minutes long and users can choose to have them sent to their Gmail inbox. Messages can be sent with or without first ringing the recipient's phone number. Google also provides a Voice and Video Chat browser plugin for Google Talk [25] (not to be confused with the standalone Google Talk client) that supports voice and ...

  6. Mailbox (application) - Wikipedia

    Mailbox focused on emptying the user's inbox and favored using folders instead of leaving emails in the inbox. For instance, it incentivized the user with visual cues and gestures to organize emails based on priority and due date to empty to inbox. Mailbox was limited to Gmail and iCloud accounts. It also supported Yahoo!

  7. 20% Project - Wikipedia

    Google's email service ‘Gmail’ was created by the developer Paul Buchheit on his 20% time. In his project "Caribou", Buchheit used his knowledge from university software experience to create the service. The freedom to use his time in such a way allowed him to ultimately develop a fundamental Google service.

  8. List of Google products - Wikipedia

    Inbox by Gmail – an email application for Android, iOS, and web platform that organized and automated to-do lists using email content. As of April 2, 2019, accessing the Inbox subdomain redirects to Gmail proper. Google+ – The consumer edition of Google's social media platform. As of April 2, 2019, users receive a message stating that ...

  9. Bill Zeller - Wikipedia

    Graph Your Inbox appears to be no longer functional (as of April 2011), probably due to a change in the way Gmail works. Zeller also served for more than two years as the computer science representative to Princeton 's Graduate Student Government, advocating the interests of his fellow graduate students in housing, campus transportation, and ...