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  2. Webmaster - Wikipedia

    This article needs to be updated.The reason given is: The term may no longer be in widespread use as websites have become more sophisticated requiring the work of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists rather than a single individual tasked with every aspect of designing, building and maintaining a website..

  3. Shippo (company) - Wikipedia

    Shippo allows users to compare shipping rates, create labels, generate international customs documents, return labels, and track parcels. Some of their customers and partners include eBay, Freestyle Solutions, Tuft & Needle, Weebly, GoDaddy, Shyp, Mercari, Stripe, and Sellbrite.

  4. Arkansas State Red Wolves football - Wikipedia

    In 2006, Arkansas State beat Memphis at the Liberty Bowl Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee after a last second Hail Mary touchdown to secure the win, 26–23, and end a ten-game losing streak to the Tigers. The teams met again in 2007 at Indian Stadium, where the Indians rallied in the second half to beat the Tigers 35–31 after trailing 31–6 at ...

  5. Certificate authority - Wikipedia

    The client uses the CA certificate to authenticate the CA signature on the server certificate, as part of the authorizations before launching a secure connection. Usually, client software—for example, browsers—include a set of trusted CA certificates. This makes sense, as many users need to trust their client software.

  6. Plesk - Wikipedia

    Plesk is a commercial web hosting and server data center automation software with a control panel developed for Linux and Windows-based retail hosting service providers.Plesk's user management model is suitable for dedicated and shared hosting, allowing server administrators to set up new websites, reseller accounts, email accounts, and edit and create DNS entries through a web-based interface.

  7. Domain name scams - Wikipedia

    Domain slamming. Domain slamming (also known as unauthorized transfers or domain name registration scams) is a scam in which the offending domain name registrar attempts to trick domain owners into switching from their existing registrar to theirs, under the pretense that the customer is simply renewing their subscription to their current registrar.

  8. Public key infrastructure - Wikipedia

    Bootstrapping secure communication protocols, such as Internet key exchange (IKE) and SSL/TLS. In both of these, initial set-up of a secure channel (a "security association") uses asymmetric key—i.e., public key—methods, whereas actual communication uses faster symmetric key—i.e., secret key—methods;

  9. Consumer - Wikipedia

    Consumer rights “Consumers, by definition, include us all," President John F. Kennedy offered his definition to the United States Congress on March 15, 1962. This speech became the basis for the creation of World Consumer Rights Day, now celebrated on March 15.