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  2. Gun laws in Virginia - Wikipedia

    No. No. § 18.2-308.8. § 18.2-308.5. § 18.2-295. Fully automatic firearms (machine guns) must be registered with the state police. Plastic firearms and some destructive devices (such as the striker 12 shotgun) are prohibited outside law enforcement. SBS, SBR, AOWs, and suppressors are legal with NFA paperwork.

  3. Gun laws in Nebraska - Wikipedia

    As of January 1, 2007, Nebraska became the 48th state to legalize concealed carry; permits to carry are being issued by the Nebraska State Patrol. NFA firearms (machine guns, short barreled shotguns, short barreled rifles, and silencers) are legal to own as long as they are compliant with federal law. Open carry is allowed without a permit.

  4. List of cities and counties in Virginia - Wikipedia

    Contents. List of cities and counties in Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia is divided into 95 counties, along with 38 independent cities that are considered county-equivalents for census purposes, totaling 133 second-level subdivisions. In Virginia, cities are co-equal levels of government to counties, but towns are part of counties.

  5. AOL Mail

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  6. Should gun store sales get special credit card tracking ... - AOL

    At the urging of New York-based Amalgamated Bank, which worked with gun-control groups, the International Organization for Standardization adopted a new four-digit category code for gun and ...

  7. Man planned racist mass shooting at Bad Bunny concert to ...

    On Jan. 21, the second day of the gun show, Prieto revealed he wanted to carry out a mass shooting against Black people at an Atlanta rap concert, according to the affidavit. The affidavit says ...

  8. 'Rust' armorer says state withheld evidence, requests release ...

    During filming in 2021, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed by a gun used as a prop that was being handled at the time by Baldwin. According to the filing, state prosecutors ...

  9. List of companies headquartered in Northern Virginia - Wikipedia

    Tysons Corner has more Fortune 500 company headquarters than Washington, D.C.. This is a list of notable companies headquartered in Northern Virginia.The majority of the following companies are located in Fairfax County and Loudoun County the most populous jurisdictions in Northern Virginia, Virginia state, and the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.