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  2. Talk:Holistic dentistry - Wikipedia

    While traditional dentistry focuses only on the areas above the neck, holistic pediatric dentistry looks at the Child as a whole system and how the mouth relates to the rest of the body. The study of children's oral health from a global perspective remains largely in its infancy and is poised for additional development." [15]

  3. Holistic dentistry - Wikipedia

    However, the realm of herbal dental hygiene remains a largely understudied realm, and further rigorous scientific evaluations will be necessary to determine the efficacy of different methods. Some critics of holistic dentistry practice also note that the fees charged by such practitioners are generally several times higher than those of ...

  4. Holon (philosophy) - Wikipedia

    A holon ( Greek: ὅλον, from ὅλος, holos, 'whole' and -ον, -on, 'part') is something that is simultaneously a whole in and of itself, as well as a part of a larger whole. In other words, holons can be understood as the constituent part–wholes of a hierarchy.

  5. Six Dharmas of Naropa - Wikipedia

    This practice is a kind of pranayama, that generally involves sitting with a straight back, visualizing the channels, holding the breath deep in the abdomen for extended periods (called "vase breath", kumbhaka ), then applying visualization of a fiery short stroke AH syllable on the navel.

  6. Psychosynthesis - Wikipedia

    The higher unconscious (or superconscious) denotes "our higher potentialities which seek to express themselves, but which we often repel and repress" (Assagioli). As with the lower unconscious, this area is by definition not available to consciousness, so its existence is inferred from moments in which contents from that level affect consciousness.

  7. Resacralization of knowledge - Wikipedia

    While the natural and social sciences confine legitimate knowledge to a rationalist interpretation of the physical realm, which has given rise to an analytical and compartmentalized view of the universe, a holistic perspective of knowledge relies on intellect and reason, i. e., on both intuition and reason.

  8. Societal collapse - Wikipedia

    The study of societal collapse, collapsology, is a topic for specialists of history, anthropology, sociology, and political science. More recently, they are joined by experts in cliodynamicsand study of complex systems. [7][4] Contents 1Concept 2Societal longevity 3Causes of collapse 3.1Natural disasters and climate change

  9. Scientia sacra - Wikipedia

    Intellect, for Nasr, is the very substance that lies within man's being and is concerned with unveiling archetypal realities. Reason, on the other hand, is a manifestation of the intellect. In Nasr's view, intellection is the process through which our individual consciousness participates in Divine Consciousness.

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    related to: higher realm holistics