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  2. Coverage map - Wikipedia

    Coverage maps are designed to indicate the service areas of radiocommunication transmitting stations. Typically these may be produced for radio or television stations, for mobile telephone networks and for satellite networks. Such maps are alternatively known as propagation maps. For satellite networks, a coverage map is often known as a ...

  3. Web mapping - Wikipedia

    A range of free software to generate maps has also been conceived and implemented alongside proprietary tools like ArcGIS. As a result, the barrier to entry for serving maps on the web has been lowered. The terms web GIS and web mapping are often used interchangeably, but the terms are distinct.

  4. Digital mapping - Wikipedia

    The beginning point, entered via GPS coordinates, and the ending point, (address or coordinates) input by the user, are then entered into the digital mapping software. The mapping software outputs a real-time visual representation of the route. The map then moves along the path of the driver.

  5. Comparison of free off-line satellite navigation software

    This can be done using emulators. Some of the software mentioned here may run only on devices that are no longer commercially sold (such as the PalmPilot and PocketPC devices). However, these devices are often still obtainable via second-hand websites. Contents 1 Navigation software 1.1 Free maps 1.2 Non-free maps

  6. Wikipedia:WikiProject Maps - Wikipedia

    Demonstration of how to create a map using layers: 1.Valley ; 2.Plain ; 3.Hills ; 4.Rivers ; 5.Troops ; 6.Moves ; 7.Text ; 8.Thumbnail map ; 9.Legend. The use of JPEG is discouraged, since it is a lossy compression format and so will result in a blurry map or diagram. The quality of GIF images is better than JPEG.

  7. OpenStreetMap - Wikipedia

    OpenStreetMap is freely licensed under the Open Database License and as a result commonly used to make electronic maps, inform turn-by-turn navigation, assist in humanitarian aid and data visualisation. OpenStreetMap uses its own topology to store geographical features which can then be exported into other GIS file formats.

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    related to: how to create a service area map free software