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  2. Template : Location map/Creating a new map definition

    Create a new map image and upload it to Wikimedia commons or find an existing map on the same site. Create a module named Module:Location map/data/ location, copy the content below into it and substitute the appropriate values. Create a page named Module:Location map/data/ location /doc and follow the instructions under #Documentation.

  3. Template:PATH service map - Wikipedia

    Template:PATH service map. This is a route-map template for the PATH (rail system), a New York & New Jersey rapid transit network. For information on using this template, refer to Wikipedia:Route diagram template. For pictograms used, see Wikimedia Commons: BSicon/Catalogue.

  4. Coverage map - Wikipedia

    Coverage maps are designed to indicate the service areas of radiocommunication transmitting stations. Typically these may be produced for radio or television stations, for mobile telephone networks and for satellite networks. Such maps are alternatively known as propagation maps. For satellite networks, a coverage map is often known as a ...

  5. Wikipedia:WikiProject Maps - Wikipedia

    Demonstration of how to create a map using layers: 1.Valley ; 2.Plain ; 3.Hills ; 4.Rivers ; 5.Troops ; 6.Moves ; 7.Text ; 8.Thumbnail map ; 9.Legend. The use of JPEG is discouraged, since it is a lossy compression format and so will result in a blurry map or diagram. The quality of GIF images is better than JPEG.

  6. Wikipedia:WikiProject Maps/Conventions - Wikipedia

    → Location maps (blank) → Locator maps (filled) Location maps are blank and used in Template:Location map which in the browser shows a location mark (like ) and/or a label onto the map. Locator maps are now used as it is explained for Area maps: maps that highlight one subject area Area maps are redundant, today locator maps are used .

  7. Wikipedia:WikiProject Maps/Conventions/Historical maps

    Creation: Historical maps are conveniently derivate from country or wider area Location maps. The map maker have to color the background (ocean, land, rivers, subject area) to the Locator maps conventional colours. To create up on areas, the map maker is suggested to use Areas maps colours. For labels and icons, please see below.

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    related to: how to create a service area map free template