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  2. Registered retirement savings plan - Wikipedia

    Nominee accounts. Nominee accounts are so named because individuals with this type of account nominate a nominee, usually one of Canada's five major banks or a major investment dealer, to hold a number of different investments in a single account. For example, if an individual buys investment # 1 with one company and investment #2 with another ...

  3. Bootstrapping - Wikipedia

    Managing their working capital in a way that minimizes their company's accounts receivable. Cashing out 401k retirement funds and pay them off at later dates. Gradually increasing the business’ accounts payable through delaying payments or even renting equipment instead of buying them. Bootstrapping success:

  4. List of Frontline (American TV program) episodes - Wikipedia

    How the practice of moving money to secret, low-regulated off-shore accounts has played a role in the crimes of money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion. 273: 4 "How to Steal $500 Million" Criminal Justice: 60 minutes: November 8, 1994 () 1304