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  2. These little fees can make or break your 401k

    Hidden retirement fees, such as 12b-1 fees and sub-transfer agent fees, can eat into your retirement savings. Speak to your 401k provider to find out if you can avoid paying these costly fees .

  3. Why you shouldn’t worry when the stock market tanks your 401k

    Pulling your money out of stocks wouldn’t exactly kill your 401k, but it would at least put it in a coma. The S&P 500 has averaged a nearly 10 percent annual return over its history.

  4. How To Start Planning For Retirement in Your 20s

    An automatic contribution to your retirement account, no matter how small, is one of the best ways to start retirement planning at a stage where compound interest is the name of the game. Building ...

  5. 10 Signs You’re Not Saving Enough for Retirement

    8. You've Borrowed From Your 401k. It doesn't matter how much money you have put aside in your retirement savings account if you've already taken money out of it. Although this withdrawal might ...

  6. This Secret IRS Loophole Lets You Reduce Your Retirement Taxes

    Find: Pension vs. 401(k) — Which Retirement Plan Is Best for You? That amount of money might not seem like a lot at first, but taken in tandem with your 401(k), it could significantly reduce ...

  7. How Much You Should Have in Your Retirement Fund at Ages 30 ...

    "An employer match on your 401(k) is free money, but roughly a quarter of employees are leaving free money on the table by not taking advantage of their match," said Brian Walsh, a certified ...

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    related to: how to find my 401k accounts