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  2. What To Do If You Borrowed Money From Your 401(k) in 2020

    Plus, making extra payments on a 401(k) loan provides a huge additional benefit -- the sooner you can pay off your loan, the faster those payments can be used instead to build your retirement account.

  3. 27 Best Strategies To Get the Most Out of Your 401(k)

    Knowing your company's matching and 401(k) vesting schedules can help you plan to better maximize your 401(k). "For example, at my company they match a 5% contribution 100 percent for three years ...

  4. This Secret IRS Loophole Lets You Reduce Your Retirement Taxes

    Find: Pension vs. 401(k) — Which Retirement Plan Is Best for You? That amount of money might not seem like a lot at first, but taken in tandem with your 401(k), it could significantly reduce ...

  5. How to protect your retirement savings during the coronavirus ...

    Your retirement account will have more time to bounce back from market losses and grow if you work longer. And if you delay collecting Social Security benefits past your full retirement age, you ...

  6. Why you shouldn’t worry when the stock market tanks your 401k

    Pulling your money out of stocks wouldn’t exactly kill your 401k, but it would at least put it in a coma. The S&P 500 has averaged a nearly 10 percent annual return over its history.

  7. How To Make Yourself a Retirement Millionaire

    Find Out: Here’s Exactly How Much Savings You Need To Retire In Your State This has led to the rise of employer-sponsored retirement plans such as the 401(k) in addition to the individual ...

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    related to: how to find my 401k accounts