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  2. How To Get Your Retirement Plans Back on Track After 2020

    If your 401(k) hasn’t fared so well, it’s easy to panic. However, before changing your asset allocation, it’s best to talk to a financial planner. In fact, your 401(k) provider might have ...

  3. 27 Best Strategies To Get the Most Out of Your 401(k)

    Knowing your company's matching and 401(k) vesting schedules can help you plan to better maximize your 401(k). "For example, at my company they match a 5% contribution 100% for three years; after ...

  4. 4 Ways to Keep Your 401(k) on Track for Success

    Get All Your 401(k)s in One Place. Getting a representative from your plan provider on the phone can also help you roll over any old plans you have from previous employers. These plan providers ...

  5. 401(k) Rules You Need to Know - AOL

    401(k)s are great vehicles for retirement saving, but they do lock up your money. One way that many workers have gotten much-needed access to their 401(k) money before retiring is to take out loans.

  6. 10 Actionable Ways To Improve Your 401(k) Today

    Over time, your 401(k) plan is likely to grow to the largest asset you have, with the possible exception of your house. If you find yourself in a cash crunch, it can be tempting to see that big ...

  7. Here’s How Much You Should Have in Your 401(k) Account, Based ...

    The benefit to a 401(k) is that it is contributed to with pre-tax dollars, before you pay income taxes. That tax though will simply just be deferred to when you begin to draw on the funds.

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    related to: how to find my 401k plan