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  2. HP Cloud Service Automation Software - Wikipedia

    HP Cloud Service Automation works with HP Operations Orchestration and HP Server Automation to provide IT lifecycle automation. HP Operations Orchestration is an integrated set of software and services that helps to automate distributed systems and heterogeneous computing environments.

  3. HP Integrated Lights-Out - Wikipedia

    HP stopped manufacturing RILOE II in 2006. The final firmware version for RILOE is 2.53(A) dated 9 Mar 2004 and for RILOE II is 1.21 dated 5 July 2006. For some older ProLiant 100 series servers there is a "Lights Out 100" option, which has more limited functionality.

  4. Horizontal pitch - Wikipedia

    Horizontal pitch (HP) is a unit of length defined by the Eurocard printed circuit board standard used to measure the horizontal width of rack mounted electronic equipment, similar to the rack unit (U) used to measure vertical heights of rack mounted equipment. One HP is 0.2 inches (5.08 mm) wide.

  5. HP ProBook - Wikipedia

    The ProBook B-series was announced on October 13, 2009, replacing the previous HP Compaq B-series with similar design in early models. All models still have a CD drive bay, docking port, pointstick options, screen latches, draining holes, easy-replaceable battery with additional slice options, TPM chip, socketed CPU, WLAN options and 2 RAM slots.

  6. HP ePrint - Wikipedia

    HP ePrint via Email is a feature of most HP printers and MFPs that enables printing documents attached to email messages sent to the device. The HP ePrint-capable printer or MFP must be registered to an HP ePrint cloud service called HP ePrint Center, which assigns a unique email address to the printer or MFP.

  7. HP Service Manager software - Wikipedia

    After the acquisition by HP, the application was rebranded as HP Service Manager and was included in the HP OpenView product suite. HP offers the application as a service desk solution that enables IT to work as a single organization, governed by a consistent set of processes to handle service delivery and support quickly and efficiently.

  8. HP 9800 series - Wikipedia

    HP 9810A, a keystroke programmable computer with magnetic cards and LED display, introduced in 1971, HP 9820A, introduced in 1972, was the first HP model that deals with algebraic input (not only RPN) featured a high level language simpler than BASIC that was later named high performance language (HPL),

  9. HP 64000 - Wikipedia

    The HP 64000 Logic Development System, introduced 17 September 1979, is a tool for developing hardware and software for products based on commercial microprocessors from a variety of manufacturers.