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  2. Inkjet printing - Wikipedia

    Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper and plastic substrates. Inkjet printers were the most commonly used type of printer in 2008, and range from small inexpensive consumer models to expensive professional machines.

  3. HP Deskjet - Wikipedia

    The HP DeskJet 520 introduced resolution enhancement technology, or REt, to HP inkjet printers. It was also HP's last black-and-white-only inkjet printer. The HP DeskJet 500, 510, 520, 500C, 550C, and 560C were all replaced by the HP DeskJet 540 (3 ppm B&W, 1.5 minutes per page color). A one-pen inkjet printer, color was optional.

  4. Inkjet refill kit - Wikipedia

    Print-head cleaning: Sometimes the ink flow might be blocked by dried ink on the ink cartridge print-head. For color cartridges, typically one ink-color fails to flow due to dried ink. The dried ink can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol (50% or higher) on a swab or folded paper towel rubbed gently three or four times across the print-head ...

  5. Printer - Wikipedia

    A printer is a machine that uses ink to either print digital documents, or in some cases photo copy physical documents. Technology. Printer (publishing), a person or a company; Printer (computing), a hardware device; Optical printer for motion picture films; People. Nariman Printer (fl. c. 1940), Indian journalist and activist

  6. HP 9800 series - Wikipedia

    Chronologically, the models of the family were: HP 9810A, a keystroke programmable computer with magnetic cards and LED display, introduced in 1971,; HP 9820A, introduced in 1972, was the first HP model that deals with algebraic input (not only RPN) featured a high level language simpler than BASIC that was later named high performance language (HPL),

  7. Edward Tufte - Wikipedia

    Biography. Edward Rolf Tufte was born in 1942 in Kansas City, Missouri, to Virginia Tufte (1918–2020) and Edward E. Tufte (1912–1999). He grew up in Beverly Hills, California, where his father was a longtime city official, and he graduated from Beverly Hills High School.

  8. Printer (computing) - Wikipedia

    Solid ink printers are most commonly used as color office printers and are excellent at printing on transparencies and other non-porous media. Solid ink is also called phase-change or hot-melt ink was first used by Data Products and Howtek, Inc., in 1984. Solid ink printers can produce excellent results with text and images.

  9. Hewlett-Packard - Wikipedia

    HP was the world's leading PC manufacturer from 2007 until the second quarter of 2013, when Lenovo moved ahead of HP. HP specialized in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware; designing software; and delivering services. Major product lines included personal computing devices, enterprise and industry ...