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  2. HP-UX - Wikipedia

    The two lines were united at HP-UX 7.x. 6.x (1988) Support for HP 9000 Series 300 only. Introduced sockets from 4.3BSD. This version (together with 3.x) also introduced the above-discussed context dependent files (CDF), which were removed in release 10 because of their security risks. The 6.2 release added X11, superseding HP Windows/9000 and X10.

  3. List of Pocket PC Devices - Wikipedia

    Only the Casio E-115, E-125 and EM-500 were Pocket PCs. All others were using the older "Palm-sized PC" operating system except for the BE-300, which ran a stripped-down version of Windows CE 3.0 and would not run any Pocket PC software and many applications written for Windows CE itself.

  4. Pocket PC - Wikipedia

    Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition added native landscape, square screen and VGA support as well as other fixes and changes to those features already present in the original release of Windows Mobile 2003. Windows CE 3.0 Pocket PC 2000. Pocket PC 2000 was launched April 2000, and ran Windows CE 3.0. Pocket PC 2000 featured a mobile version of ...

  5. Palm (PDA) - Wikipedia

    A few devices ran on Microsoft's Windows Mobile. In 2009 Palm OS's successor webOS was released, first shipping with the Palm Pre . In 2011 Hewlett-Packard discontinued the Palm brand and started releasing new devices under the HP brand, [5] but discontinued its hardware later that same year.

  6. Blue screen of death - Wikipedia

    Preview builds of Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server (available from the Windows Insider program) feature a dark green background instead of a blue one. Windows 3.1, 95, and 98 support customizing the color of the screen. In the Windows NT family, however, the color is hard-coded.

  7. QuickTime - Wikipedia

    Support for 3GPP, including 3G Text, video, and audio (AAC and AMR codecs). Support for the .3gp, .amr, and .sdv file formats via separate component. QuickTime 6.4, released on October 16, 2003 for Mac OS X v10.2, Mac OS X v10.3, and Windows, added the following: Addition of the Apple Pixlet codec (only for Mac OS X v10.3 and later). ColorSync ...

  8. IdeaPad tablets - Wikipedia

    Lenovo IdeaPad P1 Windows tablet also preloaded with Adobe Flash Player 10.3, Lenovo App Shop, Microsoft Security Essentials and Lenovo App Manager for switch from entertainment to productivity apps like send email, games, or watch the online movies. The specifications of the IdeaPad P1 are as follows: Processor: Intel Atom 1.5 GHz

  9. IBM WebSphere Application Server - Wikipedia

    Support for WS-Security 1.0; Support for Web Services Resource Framework and WS-BusinessActivity (WS-BA) Support for JSR160 JMX Remote Connections (From IBM Agents Only) Administrative Console Jython Command Assistance; Enhanced scripting. This version started the deprecation process for the Jacl syntax.