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  2. HP CloudSystem - Wikipedia

    Certified HP partners are also able to offer HP workshops, such as the HP Cloud Discovery Workshops and other training support. The Cloud Discovery Workshop is designed to educate attendees about cloud computing and helps attendees establish how cloud computing fits into their organizations and discusses best practices.

  3. HP-UX - Wikipedia

    HP-UX 11i offers a common shared disks for its clustered file system. HP Serviceguard is the cluster solution for HP-UX. HP Global Workload Management adjusts workloads to optimize performance, and integrates with Instant Capacity on Demand so installed resources can be paid for in 30-minute increments as needed for peak workload demands.

  4. HP 3000 - Wikipedia

    The HP 3000 series is a family of 16-bit and 32-bit minicomputers from Hewlett-Packard. It was designed to be the first minicomputer with full support for time-sharing in the hardware and the operating system, features that had mostly been limited to mainframes, or retrofitted to existing systems like Digital's PDP-11, on which Unix was implemented.

  5. HP EliteBook - Wikipedia

    HP EliteBook is a line of business-oriented high-end notebooks and mobile workstations made by Hewlett-Packard . The EliteBook series, which fits above the lower-end ProBook series, [2] was introduced in August 2008 [3] [4] as a replacement of the HP Compaq high end line of notebooks.

  6. Compaq Presario - Wikipedia

    Monitors. The MVX00 and FPX00 monitors were designed to be sold with the Series 3 Designed Compaq towers. These retained the original spaceship shape of the second generation Compaq Presario towers, except most had smoked-black plastic flip-up doors and a slightly squatter design that was more rounded.

  7. Fortify Software - Wikipedia

    Fortify Software, later known as Fortify Inc., is a California-based software security vendor, founded in 2003 and acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2010 to become part of HP Enterprise Security Products. Since 2017, Fortify's products have been owned by Micro Focus.

  8. HP LaserJet 1020 - Wikipedia

    The HP LaserJet 1020 is a low cost, low volume, monochromatic laser printer. It was a replacement for the HP LaserJet 1012. The production started in June 2005.

  9. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking - Wikipedia

    HP Networking Training covers product-, solution-, and sales-oriented topics. The HP ExpertOne program networking training and certification program covers a range of networking curricula, from beginning-level courses to Master engineer classes, on three separate tracks: technical, sales, and partner-restricted.