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  2. HP EliteBook - Wikipedia

    HP ProBook, HP ZBook HP EliteBook is a line of business-oriented high-end notebooks and mobile workstations made by Hewlett-Packard ( HP Inc. ). [1] The EliteBook series, which fits above the lower-end ProBook series, [2] was introduced in August 2008 [3] [4] as a replacement of the HP Compaq high end line of notebooks.

  3. Calculator - Wikipedia

    In 1979, HP released the first alphanumeric, programmable, expandable calculator, the HP-41C. It could be expanded with random-access memory (RAM, for memory) and read-only memory (ROM, for software) modules, and peripherals like bar code readers, microcassette and floppy disk drives, paper-roll thermal printers , and miscellaneous ...

  4. NSA warrantless surveillance (2001–2007) - Wikipedia

    Once Mark Klein, a retired AT&T communications technician, submitted an affidavit describing technical details known to him personally in support of the 2006 Hepting v. AT&T court case . [109] [110]

  5. Nokia N900 - Wikipedia

    The Nokia N900, unlike previous versions of Nokia's Internet Tablet, hasn't enabled support for USB On-The-Go (the ability to act as a USB host) by default, this in order to meet the deadlines for production and USB certification. There is an ongoing community effort to add this support subsequently, currently the software is in beta stage.

  6. Amazon S3 - Wikipedia

    Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is a service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides object storage through a web service interface. Amazon S3 uses the same scalable storage infrastructure that uses to run its e-commerce network.

  7. IPv6 deployment - Wikipedia

    Cisco Systems introduces IPv6 support on Cisco IOS routers and L3 switches. HP introduces IPv6 with HP-UX 11i v1. On April 23, 2001, the European Commission launches the European IPv6 Task Force: 2002: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 SP1 have limited IPv6 support for research and testing since at least 2002.

  8. Linux kernel - Wikipedia

    The numbering change from 2.6.39 to 3.0, and from 3.19 to 4.0, involved no meaningful technical differentiation. The major version number was increased to avoid large minor numbers. Stable 3.x.y kernels were released until 3.19 in February 2015. In April 2015, Torvalds released kernel version 4.0.

  9. Page orientation - Wikipedia

    Page orientation is the way in which a rectangular page is oriented for normal viewing. The two most common types of orientation are portrait and landscape. The term "portrait orientation" comes from visual art terminology and describes the dimensions used to capture a person's face and upper body in a picture; in such images, the height of the display area is greater than the width.