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  2. Web colors - Wikipedia

    Each color code listed is a shorthand for the RGB value. For example, code 609 is equivalent to RGB code 102-0-153 or HEX code #660099. Safest web colors. Designers were encouraged to stick to these 216 "web-safe" colors in their websites because there were a lot of 8-bit color displays when the 216-color palette was developed.

  3. HTML element - Wikipedia

    An HTML element is a type of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) document component, one of several types of HTML nodes (there are also text nodes, comment nodes and others). [vague] HTML document is composed of a tree of simple HTML nodes, such as text nodes, and HTML elements, which add semantics and formatting to parts of document (e.g., make text bold, organize it into paragraphs, lists and ...

  4. ANSI escape code - Wikipedia

    There has also been a similar but incompatible 88-color encoding using the same escape sequence, seen in rxvt and xterm-88color. Not much is known about the scheme besides the color codes. It uses a 4×4×4 color cube. 24-bit. As "true color" graphic cards with 16 to 24 bits of color became common, applications began to support 24-bit colors.

  5. X11 color names - Wikipedia

    The following chart presents the standardized X11 color names from the source code. The list of names accepted by browsers following W3C standards slightly differs as explained above. The table does not show numbered gray and brightness variants as described below.

  6. Comment (computer programming) - Wikipedia

    In computer programming, a comment is a programmer-readable explanation or annotation in the source code of a computer program.They are added with the purpose of making the source code easier for humans to understand, and are generally ignored by compilers and interpreters.

  7. Help:HTML in wikitext - Wikipedia

    The MediaWiki software, which drives Wikipedia, allows the use of a subset of HTML 5 elements, or tags and their attributes, for presentation formatting. But most HTML can be included by using equivalent wiki markup or templates; these are generally preferred within articles, as they are sometimes simpler for most editors and less intrusive in the editing window; but Wikipedia's Manual of ...

  8. Lists of colors - Wikipedia

    Templates that list color names {} {{Formula Supported Named Colors}} {{X11 color chart}} This page was last edited on 12 May 2022, at 18:39 (UTC). Text is ...

  9. Color wheel - Wikipedia

    A color wheel or color circle is an abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle, which shows the relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors etc. Some sources use the terms color wheel & color circle interchangeably; [2] [3] however, one term or the other may be more prevalent in certain fields ...