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  2. List of colors: A–F - Wikipedia–F

    The HSV (hue, saturation, value) color space values, also known as HSB (hue, saturation, brightness), and the hex triplets (for HTML web colors) are also given in the following table. Some environments (like Microsoft Excel) reverse the order of bytes in hex color values (i.e. to "BGR").

  3. Web colors - Wikipedia

    A hex triplet is a six-digit, three- byte hexadecimal number used in HTML, CSS, SVG, and other computing applications to represent colors. The bytes represent the red, green, and blue components of the color. One byte represents a number in the range 00 to FF (in hexadecimal notation), or 0 to 255 in decimal notation.

  4. Color code - Wikipedia

    A color code is a system for displaying information by using different colors . The earliest examples of color codes in use are for long-distance communication by use of flags, as in semaphore communication. [1]

  5. List of colors (compact) - Wikipedia

    Black Shadows Blanched almond Blast-off bronze Bleu de France Blizzard blue Blood red Blue Blue (Crayola) Blue (Munsell) Blue (NCS) Blue (Pantone) Blue (pigment) Blue bell Blue-gray Blue-green Blue jeans Blue sapphire Blue-violet Blue yonder Blueberry Blush Bole Bone Booger Buster Brick red Bright green Bright lilac Bright maroon Bright navy blue

  6. X11 color names - Wikipedia

    0° Red, 16° Orange Red, 33° Dark Orange, 39° Orange, 51° Gold, 60° Yellow, 90° Chartreuse, 120° (Lime) Green, 150° Spring Green, 180° Aqua / Cyan, 195° Deep Sky Blue, 240° Blue, 300° Fuchsia / Magenta 25%/65% 0° Rosy Brown, 120° Dark Sea Green 59–60%/65% 260° Medium Purple, 302° Orchid, 340° Pale Violet Red 100%/86% 38° Moccasin, 351° Light Pink

  7. Wikipedia:WikiProject Color/Sources for Color Coordinates

    The List of Crayola crayon colors was updated in late 2008 (by another editor) with color codes directly supplied by Crayola itself: Crayola Crayon Color Codes: (See footnote number 10 in article, which links to this reference). These color codes are slightly different than the old color codes that were listed before.

  8. Help:Using colours - Wikipedia

    To use a colour in a template or table you can use the hex triplet ( e.g. bronze is #CD7F32) or HTML colour names ( e.g. red). Editors are encouraged to make use of Brewer palettes for charts, maps, and other entities, using this tool . Contents 1 Overriding font colour 1.1 Template font colour 2 Colour generation guide 3 Wikimedia colour schemes