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  2. HTTPS - Wikipedia

    The fact that most modern websites, including Google, Yahoo!, and Amazon, use HTTPS causes problems for many users trying to access public Wi-Fi hot spots, because a Wi-Fi hot spot login page fails to load if the user tries to open an HTTPS resource.

  3. Yahoo! data breaches - Wikipedia!_data_breaches

    Yahoo! in fall 2014 detected what it believed was a small breach "involving 30 to 40 accounts", carried out by hackers believed to be "working on behalf of the Russian government", according to Yahoo! executives, because it was launched from computers in that country. Yahoo! reported the incident to the FBI in late 2014 and notified affected users.

  4. Secure your AOL account - AOL Help

    • Check your login activity - Check the recent activity on your account for unusual logins. • Delete security questions - It's more secure to add an email address or phone number to secure your account; remove your questions if you haven't already .

  5. Federated identity - Wikipedia

    FedRAMP enables Agencies to rapidly adapt from old, insecure legacy IT to mission-enabling, secure, and cost effective cloud-based IT. Examples [ edit ] Digital identity platforms that allow users to log onto third-party websites, applications, mobile devices and gaming systems with their existing identity, i.e. enable social login , include:

  6. Single sign-on - Wikipedia

    In March, 2012, a research paper reported an extensive study on the security of social login mechanisms. The authors found 8 serious logic flaws in high-profile ID providers and relying party websites, such as OpenID (including Google ID and PayPal Access), Facebook, Janrain, Freelancer, FarmVille, and Because the researchers ...

  7. The 7 best hardside luggage picks that will keep your ...

    Monos’ best-selling Check-In is arguably the best all-in-one and most secure option you can buy. It comes in both medium and large and features an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, so it will ...

  8. Telnet - Wikipedia

    History and standards. Telnet is a client-server protocol, based on a reliable connection-oriented transport. Typically, this protocol is used to establish a connection to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port number 23, where a Telnet server application (telnetd) is listening.

  9. Here's how to provide proof of your COVID-19 vaccine [Video]

    Yahoo Money sister site Cashay has a weekly newsletter. Stephanie is a reporter for Yahoo Money and Cashay , a new personal finance website. Follow her on Twitter @SJAsymkos .