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  2. National Fonts - Wikipedia

    National Fonts. The font "TH Sarabun PSK" is used on the Thai Wikipedia's current logo. The National Fonts ( Thai: ฟอนต์แห่งชาติ; RTGS :[font] haeng chat) [1] are sets of freely-licensed computer fonts for the Thai script sponsored by the Thai government.

  3. Thai typography - Wikipedia

    Thai typography concerns the representation of the Thai script in print and on displays, and dates to the earliest printed Thai text in 1819. The printing press was introduced by Western missionaries during the mid-nineteenth century, and the printed word became an increasingly popular medium, spreading modern knowledge and aiding reform as the ...

  4. InPage - Wikipedia

    InPage. InPage is a word processor and page layout software by Concept Software Pvt. Ltd., an Indian information technology company. It is used for languages such as Urdu, Arabic, Balti, Balochi, Burushaski, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Sindhi and Shina under Windows and macOS. It was first developed in 1994 and is primarily used for creating ...

  5. Tai Tham script - Wikipedia

    Tai Tham script ( Tham meaning "scripture") is an abugida writing system used mainly for a group of Southwestern Tai languages i.e., Northern Thai, Tai Lü, Khün and Lao; as well as the liturgical languages of Buddhism i.e., Pali and Sanskrit. It is historically known as Tua Tham ( ᨲ᩠ᩅᩫᨵᨾ᩠ᨾ᩼ or ...

  6. Thai Pattachote keyboard layout - Wikipedia

    Thai Pattachote keyboard layout. Pattachote keyboard (also Pattajoti keyboard, Thai: แป้นพิมพ์ปัตตะโชติ) is a Thai keyboard layout invented by Sarit Pattachote, as his research shows that the Thai Kedmanee keyboard layout uses the right hand more than the left hand, and the right little finger is used heavily.

  7. Thai Industrial Standard 620-2533 - Wikipedia

    Thai Industrial Standard 620-2533, commonly referred to as TIS-620, is the most common character set and character encoding for the Thai language. [citation needed] The standard is published by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), an organ of the Ministry of Industry under the Royal Thai Government, and is the sole official standard for encoding Thai in Thailand.

  8. Tai Tham (Unicode block) - Wikipedia

    127 (+127) Unicode documentation. Code chart ∣ Web page. Note: [1] [2] Tai Tham is a Unicode block containing characters of the Lanna script used for writing the Northern Thai (Kam Mu'ang), Tai Lü, and Khün languages. Tai Tham [1] [2] Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF) 0. 1.

  9. Thai Kedmanee keyboard layout - Wikipedia

    The Thai Kedmanee keyboard layout ( Thai: แป้นพิมพ์เกษมณี) is the standard Thai language keyboard layout. It originated from the Thai typewriters introduced in the 1920s to replace older seven-row designs (in turn introduced by Edwin Hunter McFarland in the 1890s), and was simply known as the traditional layout ...

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    related to: inpage font download free thai