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  2. Earned income tax credit - Wikipedia

    Tax Credit for case of one qualifying child. With one child and parent filing singly or as head of household, as of 2020: For income between $10,540 and $19,330, the tax credit is a constant "plateau" at $3,584. For income over $41,765, the tax credit is zero. This is represented by the lightest blue, solid line:

  3. Child tax credit - Wikipedia

    The child allowance is an allowance in German tax law, in which a certain amount of money is tax-free in the taxation of parents. In the income tax fee paid, child benefit and tax savings through the child tax credit are compared against each other, and the parents pay whichever results in the lesser amount of tax. United Kingdom

  4. IRS: 9 million families could still get stimulus checks ...

    The news follows an audit released in September by the Treasury Inspector General for the Tax Administration that found that $1.1 billion in Child Tax Credits were sent to 1.5 million ineligible ...

  5. Tax protester constitutional arguments - Wikipedia

    In that case, the taxpayer's argument—that the IRS had no ability to impose a tax on the taxpayer because he was a citizen "of the several states," but not a "federal U.S. citizen"—was ruled to be frivolous. Variations of the argument that an individual is a "sovereign" have been rejected in tax cases such as United States v.

  6. Taxation in the United States - Wikipedia

    Donors of gifts in excess of the annual exclusion must file gift tax returns on IRS Form 709 and pay the tax. Executors of estates with a gross value in excess of the unified credit must file an estate tax return on IRS Form 706 and pay the tax from the estate. Returns are required if the gifts or gross estate exceed the exclusions.

  7. Payroll tax - Wikipedia

    Taxpayers can apply a few tax deductions, such as a deduction for a child (starting at approx. 600EUR annually in 2021), for being a student (approx. 160EUR in 2021), for a dependent spouse (approx. 1000EUR in 2021) and more. Health and social insurance are mandatory and a part of a payroll tax. The health insurance rate is 13,5%.

  8. Tax credit - Wikipedia

    Child credit: Parents of children who are under age 17 at the end of the tax year may qualify for a credit up to $1,000 per qualifying child. The credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of tax liability, and may be listed on Line 51 of Form 1040.

  9. Tax exemption - Wikipedia

    The dependent can be a natural child, step-child, step-sibling, half-sibling, adopted child, eligible foster child, or grandchild, and is usually under age 19, a full-time student under age 24, or have special needs). The exemption granted may depend on multiple criteria, including criteria otherwise unrelated to the particular tax.