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  2. Israel–Jordan peace treaty - Wikipedia–Jordan_peace_treaty

    The Israel–Jordan peace treaty (formally the " Treaty of Peace Between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan "), sometimes referred to as the Wadi Araba Treaty, is an agreement that ended the state of war that has existed between the two countries since the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and established mutual diplomatic relations.

  3. Egypt–Israel peace treaty - Wikipedia–Israel_peace_treaty

    The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel was signed 16 months after Egyptian president Anwar Sadat's visit to Israel in 1977, after intense negotiations.The main features of the treaty were mutual recognition, cessation of the state of war that had existed since the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, normalization of relations and the withdrawal by Israel of its armed forces and civilians from the ...

  4. Israel–United Arab Emirates normalization agreement - Wikipedia–United_Arab...

    The Israel–United Arab Emirates normalization agreement, officially the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement: Treaty of Peace, Diplomatic Relations and Full Normalization Between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel, was initially agreed to in a joint statement by the United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on August 13, 2020, officially referred to as the Abraham ...

  5. Israeli–Palestinian peace process - Wikipedia–Palestinian_peace...

    The Israeli–Palestinian peace process refers to the intermittent discussions held by various parties and proposals put forward in an attempt to resolve the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

  6. Legality of the Israeli occupation of Palestine - Wikipedia

    A peace treaty however is not synonymous with the absence of a threat justifying the use of force in self-defense, without which military aggression becomes illegal. According to Wilde, "it is not credible to regard the occupation as a necessary and proportionate means of ensuring Israel’s security" and therefore, the continuation of the ...

  7. Abraham Accords - Wikipedia

    The agreement between Bahrain and Israel was officially titled the Abraham Accords: Declaration of Peace, Cooperation, and Constructive Diplomatic and Friendly Relations, and was announced by the United States on September 11, 2020.

  8. Israel - Wikipedia

    While Israel has signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, and has normalized relations with a number of other Arab countries, it remains formally at war with Syria and efforts to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict have thus far stalled.

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    related to: israel peace treaty