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  2. ITC Benguiat - Wikipedia

    ITC Benguiat. ITC Benguiat is a decorative serif typeface designed by Ed Benguiat and released by the International Typeface Corporation (ITC) in 1977. The face is loosely based upon typefaces of the Art Nouveau period but is not considered an academic revival. The face follows ITC's design formulary of an extremely high x-height, combined with ...

  3. International Typeface Corporation - Wikipedia

    International Typeface Corporation. The International Typeface Corporation ( ITC) was a type manufacturer founded in New York in 1970 by Aaron Burns, Herb Lubalin and Edward Rondthaler. The company was one of the world's first type foundries to have no history in the production of metal type. It is now a wholly owned brand or subsidiary of ...

  4. Ed Benguiat - Wikipedia

    Ephram Edward Benguiat ( / ˈbɛnɡæt /; October 27, 1927 – October 15, 2020) was an American type designer and lettering artist. He designed over 600 typefaces, including Tiffany, Bookman, Panache, Souvenir, Edwardian Script, and the eponymous Benguiat and Benguiat Gothic . He was also known for his designs or redesigns of the logotypes for ...

  5. Bauhaus (typeface) - Wikipedia

    ITC Bauhaus was designed by Ed Benguiat and Victor Caruso in 1975. Inheriting the simple geometric shapes and monotone stroke weights of Herbert Bayer's universal, it includes separate upper and lowercase characters. Five weights of Roman fonts were made for this family. Unlike the earlier ITC Ronda, the letters have open instead of closed ...

  6. ITC Avant Garde - Wikipedia

    ITC Avant Garde. ITC Avant Garde Gothic is a geometric sans serif font family based on the logo font used in the Avant Garde magazine. Herb Lubalin devised the logo concept and its companion headline typeface, and then he and Tom Carnase, a partner in Lubalin's design firm, worked together to transform the idea into a full-fledged typeface.

  7. Korinna - Wikipedia

    Korinna. Korinna is a serif typeface, first released by the H. Berthold AG type foundry in 1904. A revival of the typeface was designed in 1974 by Ed Benguiat and Vic Caruso for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC). Their version follows the formulary ITC approach of increased x-height, and multiple weights from light to ultra.

  8. Souvenir (typeface) - Wikipedia

    Souvenir is a serif typeface designed in 1914 by Morris Fuller Benton for American Type Founders. It was loosely based on Schelter-Antiqua and Schelter-Kursiv, a 1905 Art Nouveau type issued by the J.G. Schelter & Giesecke foundry in Leipzig. [1] It has a much softer appearance than other old style faces, with a generally light look, rounded ...

  9. Cheltenham (typeface) - Wikipedia

    The ITC version is also available from Linotype, Monotype, and Adobe Systems, along with ITC Cheltenham Handtooled, a 1993 version with highlight, designed by Ed Benguiat. Other versions are available from Tilde, Font Bureau, URW++, Scangraphic Digital Type Collection, and Elsner+Flake. Besley Clarendon is available from HiH.

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    related to: itc benguiat font download free