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  2. Category:Japanese masculine given names - Wikipedia

    Pages in category "Japanese masculine given names" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 1,417 total. This list may not reflect recent changes .

  3. Japanese name - Wikipedia

    Male names occasionally end with the syllable -ko as in Mako, but very rarely using the kanji 子 (most often, if a male name ends in -ko, it ends in -hiko, using the kanji 彦 meaning "boy"). Common male name endings are -shi and -o; names ending with -shi are often adjectives, e.g., Atsushi, which might mean, for example, "(to be) faithful."

  4. List of common Japanese surnames - Wikipedia

    Officially, among Japanese names there are 291,129 different Japanese surnames (姓, sei), as determined by their kanji, although many of these are pronounced and romanized similarly. Conversely, some surnames written the same in kanji may also be pronounced differently.

  5. Rei (given name) - Wikipedia

    Rei is both a Japanese given name and a Hebrew given name. In Japanese it could have different meanings depending on the used kanji and can be used for (or by) either gender. In Hebrew, the name Rei (רעי Re`eeY) originates in biblical texts which mean "my shepherd; my companion; my friend". In the Hebrew Bible, Rei is an Israelite loyal to ...

  6. Tarō (given name) - Wikipediaō_(given_name)

    Tarō (given name) Tarō ( 太郎, タロウ, たろう) (alternatively romanized Taro, Tarô, Talo, Taroh or Tarou ), is a stand-alone masculine Japanese given name or a common name second half of such a name (literally meaning "eldest son"). Tarō can also be used as a surname, but the etymology and kanji are different.

  7. Kei (given name) - Wikipedia

    Kei (けい, ケイ) is a Japanese male's personal name; used increasingly as a female's personal name, as a shortening of Keiko. Possible writings [ edit ] Kei can be written using different kanji characters and can mean (with Wiktionary links):

  8. Jiro (given name) - Wikipedia

    Jiro ( Kamen Rider) (次狼) or Garulu (ガルル), a supporting character in the Kamen Rider Kiva tokusatsu series. Jiro ( Kikaider) (ジロー), the main protagonist in the Android Kikaider tokusatsu series. Jiro Mochizuki, main protagonist in Black Blood Brothers. Jiro Ueda (次郎), the main character in Trick TV series.

  9. Category:Japanese given names - Wikipedia

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