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  2. Kasumi (given name) - Wikipedia

    Kasumi (かすみ, カスミ) is a feminine Japanese given name. Possible writings Kasumi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 霞, "mist" 香澄, "incense, lucidity" 佳純, "excellent, purity" 架純, "mount, purity" 加純, "addition, purity" 花純, "flower, purity"

  3. List of common Japanese surnames - Wikipedia

    List of common Japanese surnames Officially, among Japanese names there are 291,129 different Japanese surnames (姓, sei), [1] as determined by their kanji, although many of these are pronounced and romanized similarly. Conversely, some surnames written the same in kanji may also be pronounced differently. [2] The top 10 surnames cover approximately 10% of the population, while the top 100 ...

  4. List of Japanese deities - Wikipedia

    This is a list of divinities native to Japanese beliefs and religious traditions. Many of these are from Shinto, while others were imported via Buddhism or Taoism and were "integrated" into Japanese mythology and folklore .

  5. Hanakotoba - Wikipedia

    Hanakotoba. Hanakotoba (花言葉) is the Japanese form of the language of flowers. The language was meant to convey emotion and communicate directly to the recipient or viewer without needing the use of words.

  6. List of legendary creatures from Japan - Wikipedia

    The following is a list of Akuma ( demons), Yūrei ( ghosts ), Yōkai (spirits), Kami and other legendary creatures that are notable in Japanese folklore and mythology .

  7. Kitsune - Wikipedia

    In Japanese folklore, kitsune ( 狐, きつね, IPA: [kʲi̥t͡sɯne̞] ⓘ) are foxes that possess paranormal abilities that increase as they get older and wiser. According to folklore, the kitsune -foxes (or perhaps the "fox spirits") can bewitch people, just like the tanuki [a] they have the ability to shapeshift into human or other forms, and to trick or fool human beings. While some ...

  8. Mizuchi - Wikipedia

    Spirited Away (anime, movie) – the character Haku looks like a Mizuchi and he is a river spirit. Inuyasha (manga) - the character a snake yokai called Mizuchi using its spit venom and poison mist. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (anime) - the character a snake yokai called Mizuchi using its spit venom and poison mist.

  9. Japanese name - Wikipedia

    Japanese names may be written in hiragana or katakana, the Japanese language syllabaries for words of Japanese or foreign origin, respectively. As such, names written in hiragana or katakana are phonetic rendering and lack meanings that are expressed by names written in the logographic kanji.