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  2. List of official business registers - Wikipedia

    register or a list of a specified type of regulated entities or activities — contains entries on companies officially authorized to perform a specified type of business, where prior obtaining of a permit, a license, a concession, or registration on such a list or register is a prerequisite required by law. Depending on situation, regulation ...

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  4. Companies House - Wikipedia

    Key document. Companies Act 2006. Website. companieshouse .gov .uk. Companies House is the executive agency of the British Government that maintains the register of companies, employs the company registrars and is responsible for incorporating all forms of companies in the United Kingdom. [3] [4] Prior to 1844, no central company register ...

  5. Oregon Corporations Division - Wikipedia

    Oregon Corporations Division. The Corporation Division is a division of the Oregon Secretary of State of the U.S. state of Oregon which helps startup and existing businesses grow and thrive by using faster and smarter business processes. Included in the Corporation Division is the Office of Small Business Assistance, [1] which cuts through red ...

  6. Category:Registrars of companies - Wikipedia

    Companies and Intellectual Property Authority. Companies Commission of Malaysia. Companies House. Companies Office. Companies Registration Office (Ireland) List of official business registers. Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria. Corporate Registers Forum.

  7. Registered office - Wikipedia

    Registered office. A registered office is the official address of an incorporated company, association or any other legal entity. Generally it will form part of the public record and is required in most countries where the registered organization or legal entity is incorporated. [1] A registered physical office address is required for ...

  8. Company register - Wikipedia

    A company register is a register of organizations in the jurisdiction they operate under.. A statistical business register has a different purpose than a company register. . While a commercial/trade register serves a purpose of protection, accountability and control, a statistical register plays a central part in a system of official economic statistics at a national statistics of

  9. CNPJ - Wikipedia

    The Federal Government, interested in simplifying its registration procedures on companies appears in the mid-90's, but it was only in 1998, through the SRF Normative Instruction No. 27, that the CNPJ (short for Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica in Portuguese, or 'National Registry of Legal Entities') was created, replacing the former ...