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  2. Commercial sexual exploitation of children - Wikipedia

    The commercial sexual exploitation of children constitutes a form of coercion and violence against children, and amounts to forced labour and a contemporary form of slavery. CSEC is often associated with child trafficking, which is defined as "the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of a child for the purpose of ...

  3. Mass sexual assault in Egypt - Wikipedia

    The mass sexual assault of women in public has been documented in Egypt since 2005, when Egyptian security forces and their agents were accused of using it as a weapon against female protesters during a political demonstration in Tahrir Square, Cairo on 25 May. The behavior spread, and by 2012 sexual assault by crowds of young men was seen at ...

  4. Reuse of human excreta - Wikipedia

    Reuse of human excreta is the safe, beneficial use of treated human excreta after applying suitable treatment steps and risk management approaches that are customized for the intended reuse application. Beneficial uses of the treated excreta may focus on using the plant-available nutrients (mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) that are ...

  5. Maurice Strong - Wikipedia

    Maurice Strong. Maurice Frederick Strong, PC, CC, OM, FRSC, FRAIC (April 29, 1929 – November 27, 2015) was a Canadian oil and mineral businessman and a diplomat who served as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations. Strong had his start as an entrepreneur in the Alberta oil patch and was President of Power Corporation of Canada until 1966.

  6. List of prisons - Wikipedia

    Finland. The prison in Kuopio, Northern Savonia. Best known prisons (mostly from 19th century or older, mainly still in function except the Katajanokka Prison and Kakola): former Helsinki County Prison or Katajanokka Prison, so called "Nokka" or "Skatta" (1749–2002) Sörnäinen Prison, so called "Sörkka", Helsinki.

  7. Patron saints of places - Wikipedia

    The Virgin Mary (as Our Lady of the Assumption and Our Lady of Victories) [15] Paul the Apostle [15] Agatha of Sicily. Publius. George (patron saint of Gozo, one of the Maltese islands) Ursula (patron saint of Gozo since the seventeenth century, the second largest island in the Maltese Archipelago) Mauritius.

  8. Lilias Armstrong - Wikipedia

    Lilias Eveline Armstrong (29 September 1882 – 9 December 1937) was an English phonetician. She worked at University College London, where she attained the rank of reader. Armstrong is most known for her work on English intonation as well as the phonetics and tone of Somali and Kikuyu.

  9. Allan deSouza - Wikipedia

    Allan deSouza (born 1958) is a Kenyan-born American photographer, art writer, professor, and multi-media artist. He is of Indian descent and his work deals with issues of migration, relocation, and international travel. He works in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he serves as the Chair of the Department of Art Practice at the University of ...

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