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  2. Religion in Kenya - Wikipedia

    Islam is the religion of 10.91 percent of the population. Most Muslims in Kenya are Sunni, mostly of the Shafii rite. Approximately 8% are non-denominational Muslims, 7% percent identify themselves as Shia and about 4% identify themselves as Ahmadi Muslims, as well as a small proportion of Ibadism practitioners.

  3. Sport in Kenya - Wikipedia

    Sport is an important element of Kenyan culture.Various indigenous traditional sports have prevailed in Kenyan culture from its earliest history. Some of the traditional games and sports prevalent in Kenya since antiquity have included wrestling, racing exercises, stick fights, hunting (using spears and arrows), board games, bull fights and dances.

  4. Demographics of Kenya - Wikipedia

    Kenya has a very diverse population that includes most major ethnic, racial and linguistic groups found in Africa. Bantu and Nilotic populations together constitute around 92% of the nation's inhabitants. People from Asian or European heritage living in Kenya are estimated at around 200,000. Kenya's largest ethnic group is the Kikuyu. They make ...

  5. Westgate shopping mall attack - Wikipedia

    On Saturday, 21 September 2013, four masked gunmen attacked the Westgate shopping mall, an upscale mall in Nairobi, Kenya. There are conflicting reports about the number killed in the attack, since part of the mall collapsed due to a fire that started during the siege.

  6. Joseph Ole Lenku - Wikipedia

    The Foreign Policy magazine noted that Kenya "has actually made substantial—if incomplete and fragile—progress on police reform." Under Ole Lenku, the funding for police reforms increased remarkably from Kenya shilling 50 billion (approx. US$586 million) in 2012–13 to Ksh. 67 billion (approx US$784 million) in the 2013–14 budget.

  7. Kipchoge Keino - Wikipedia

    Keino was born in Kipsamo, Nandi District, Kenya. His name, Kipchoge, is a Nandi language expression for "born near the grain storage shed". His parents died when he was a youngster and he was raised by an aunt. After finishing school, he joined the Kenya Police. Before taking up athletics, he played rugby.

  8. Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway - Wikipedia–Nairobi_Standard...

    The railway is owned by the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC), a state-owned corporation of Kenya. It contracts the operations and maintenance of the line to the Africa Star Railway Operations Company (Afristar), a subsidiary of the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), and the primary constructor of

  9. David Rudisha - Wikipedia

    Rudisha is a member of the Maasai ethnic group in Kenya. His father, Daniel Rudisha, was a former runner who won the silver medal at the 1968 Olympics as part of the Kenyan 4 × 400 m relay team, while his mother Naomi is a former 400 m hurdler. He is married to Lizzy Naanyu with two daughters (as of 2015).