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  2. Kruti Dev - Wikipedia

    Kruti Dev. Kruti Dev ( Devanagari: कृतिदेव) is [citation needed] Devanagari typeface and non- Unicode clip font typeface which uses the keyboard layout of Remington's typewriters. [2] In north Indian states many public service commissions conduct their clerk, stenographer, data entry operator 's typing exams using the Kruti Dev ...

  3. Indic computing - Wikipedia

    One tool to include Remington layout is Indic IME. A font that is based on the Remington keyboard layout is Kruti Dev. Another online tool that very closely supports the old Remington keyboard layout using Kruti Dev is the Remington Typing tool.

  4. Talk:Kruti Dev - Wikipedia

    This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Kruti Dev article.

  5. The Most Useful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts - AOL

    Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts make things happen with just a tap on the keyboard. Here are shortcuts for everything from taking a screenshot to controlling your taskbar.

  6. Unicode in Microsoft Windows - Wikipedia

    Unicode in Microsoft Windows. Microsoft was one of the first companies to implement Unicode in their products. Windows NT was the first operating system that used "wide characters" in system calls. Using the (now obsolete) UCS-2 encoding scheme at first, it was upgraded to the variable-width encoding UTF-16 starting with Windows 2000, allowing ...

  7. Vietnamese language and computers - Wikipedia

    Software-based systems are a form of writing Vietnamese on phones or computers with software that can be installed on the device or from third-party software such as UniKey. Telex is the oldest input method devised to encode the Vietnamese language with its tones. Other input methods may also include VNI (Number key-based keyboard) and VIQR.

  8. Billionaires Are Deciding to Sell Shares of This Well ... - AOL

    Big-money investors seem to be focused on legal threats and labor issues instead of solid financial results.

  9. Microsoft FreeCell - Wikipedia

    The Windows version was first included in Microsoft Entertainment Pack Volume 2 and later the Best Of Microsoft Entertainment Pack. [4] It was subsequently included with Win32s as an application that enabled the testing of the 32-bit thunking layer to ensure that it was installed properly. [5] However, FreeCell remained relatively obscure until it was released as part of Windows 95. [6] In ...