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  2. Names of large numbers - Wikipedia

    This section illustrates several systems for naming large numbers, and shows how they can be extended past vigintillion . Traditional British usage assigned new names for each power of one million (the long scale ): 1,000,000 = 1 million; 1,000,0002 = 1 billion; 1,000,0003 = 1 trillion; and so on. It was adapted from French usage, and is ...

  3. Large numbers - Wikipedia

    Large numbers. Large numbers are numbers significantly larger than those typically used in everyday life (for instance in simple counting or in monetary transactions), appearing frequently in fields such as mathematics, cosmology, cryptography, and statistical mechanics.

  4. Googol - Wikipedia

    Printable version A googol is the large number 10 100. In decimal notation, it is written as the digit 1 followed by one ... A googol is the large number 10 100.

  5. Category:Large numbers - Wikipedia

    Printable version; Help Large numbers in mathematics may be ... Pages in category "Large numbers" The following 20 pages are in this category, out of 20 total.

  6. Template:Large numbers - Wikipedia

    Usage. This is a simple navigation template based on { { navbox }}. To use, copy and paste { {Large numbers}} at the bottom of an article. The template is suitable for transcluding at the bottom of articles related to Large numbers . To set this template's initial visibility, the |state= parameter may be used: |state=collapsed: { {Large numbers ...

  7. Googolplex - Wikipedia

    Writing the number would ultimately lead to the heat death of the universe: if a person can write two digits per second, then writing a googolplex would take about 1.58 × 10 92 years, which is about 1.1 × 10 82 times the accepted age of the universe, and each digit written would result in an increase of entropy by the second law of ...

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    related to: large printable numbers