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  2. ebook - Wikipedia

    This e-reader, with expandable storage, could store up to 100,000 pages of content, including text, graphics and pictures. The Cybook is sold and manufactured at first by Cytale (1998–2003) and later by Bookeen. 1999. The NIST releases the Open eBook format based on XML to the public domain; most future e-book formats derive from Open eBook.

  3. Universal Music Group - Wikipedia

    The company and Lego Group announced a music product partnership on April 26, 2020. On June 16, 2020, Universal rebranded Virgin EMI Records as EMI Records and named Rebecca Allen (former president of UMG's Decca label) as the label's president, bringing back the EMI brand. The same day, UMG announced launch of its new affiliates in Morocco and ...

  4. Playmobil: The Movie - Wikipedia

    Playmobil: The Movie is a 2019 English-language French computer-animated adventure comedy film based on the German building toy Playmobil.The film is directed and conceived by Disney veteran Lino DiSalvo, in his directorial debut, written by Blaise Hemingway, Greg Erb, and Jason Oremland, and produced by On Animation Studios.

  5. List of programmes broadcast by CITV - Wikipedia

    The Story Store; The Super Mario Bros. Super Show; The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries (1996–2003) The Tomorrow People; The Trap Door (1986–1987) The Treacle People (1995) The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat; The Wall Game (1985–1986) The Wannabes; The Water Trolley; The Wind in the Willows (1984–1987) The Winjin Pom; The Wombles (1973 ...

  6. MetroCentre (shopping centre) - Wikipedia

    In March 2018, a 78,000 sq ft Next store opened, taking twelve shops on the upper floor, and the former BHS unit on the lower level, to create one of the largest Next stores in the country. [11] [12] Next further expanded their presence in the centre in 2020 by opening a Beauty & Home store in the former Debenhams anchor unit.

  7. Replicas of the Statue of Liberty - Wikipedia

    A Lego replica of the Statue of Liberty consisting of 2882 bricks and standing 0.9 m (3.0 ft) is a popular sculpture among Lego enthusiasts. The statue went out of production, but due to popular demand was returned to sale.

  8. Cultural impact of Star Wars - Wikipedia

    Trooper Clerks - In this parody of both Star Wars and the Clerks series by Studio Creations, convenience store clerks Dante Hicks and Randall Graves are stormtroopers depicted in locations such as the first Death Star and the planet Tatooine, discussing topics like whether Mallrats or Chasing Amy is the Smith film with the better story.

  9. University of New South Wales - Wikipedia

    UNSW Global is a not-for-profit provider of education, training and consulting services and a wholly owned enterprise of the University of New South Wales. It provides exams for students in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India and the Pacific region.