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  2. LogSumExp - Wikipedia

    The LSE function is often encountered when the usual arithmetic computations are performed on a logarithmic scale, as in log probability. Similar to multiplication operations in linear-scale becoming simple additions in log-scale, an addition operation in linear-scale becomes the LSE in log-scale:

  3. Spontaneous potential logging - Wikipedia

    Spontaneous potential log, commonly called the self potential log or SP log, is a passive measurement taken by oil industry well loggers to characterise rock formation properties. The log works by measuring small electric potentials (measured in millivolts) between depths with in the borehole and a grounded electrode at the surface.

  4. Salient (military) - Wikipedia

    Implementation. Salients can be formed in a number of ways. An attacker can produce a salient in the defender's line by either intentionally making a pincer movement around the military flanks of a strongpoint, which becomes the tip of the salient, or by making a broad, frontal attack which is held up in the centre but advances on the flanks.

  5. AVL tree - Wikipedia

    The time required is O(log n) for lookup, plus a maximum of O(log n) retracing levels (O(1) on average) on the way back to the root, so the operation can be completed in O(log n) time.: 53 Delete. The preliminary steps for deleting a node are described in section Binary search tree#Deletion. There, the effective deletion of the subject node or ...