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  2. Fidelity Investments - Wikipedia

    Fidelity Investments Ireland was established in 1996 as the European offshore development centre for Fidelity Investments and now employs over 1,000 people with offices in Dublin and Galway. Fidelity also has offices in France , Germany , Belgium , Italy , Spain and Switzerland and London for its HR Solution business HR Access.

  3. Fidelity International - Wikipedia

    Today, Fidelity International handles investments for clients in Europe, Canada, EMEA and Asia, while the US-based Fidelity Management and Research handles investments for clients in the USA. In the same year that it was established, an office was opened in Tokyo, [4] followed by London in 1973, [5] Hong Kong in 1981 [6] and Taipei in 1986.

  4. Fidelity - Wikipedia

    Fidelity is therefore a measure of the realism of a model or simulation. Simulation fidelity has also been described in the past as "degree of similarity". [4] In quantum mechanics and optics, [5] the fidelity of a field is calculated as an overlap integral of the field of interest with a reference or target field.

  5. Fidelity Magellan Fund - Wikipedia

    The Fidelity Magellan Fund (Mutual fund: FMAGX) is a U.S.-domiciled mutual fund from the Fidelity family of funds. It is perhaps the world's best-known actively managed mutual fund, known particularly for its record-setting growth under the management of Peter Lynch from 1977 to 1990.

  6. Edward C. Johnson II - Wikipedia

    Edward Crosby Johnson II (1898–1984) was an American businessman and lawyer who founded Fidelity Investments.. Johnson came from a family of New England Puritan ancestry. He graduated from Milton Academy, Harvard College and Harvard Law School and became involved in stock market research in 1924.

  7. Geode Capital Management - Wikipedia

    Geode was originally set up by Fidelity Investments in 2001 to run systematic long/short equity strategies and to incubate new strategies. In 2003, Geode was spun off as an independent company. [1] A possible reason was to avoid the potential conflict of Geode shorting stocks held by Fidelity’s mutual funds .

  8. Edward Johnson III - Wikipedia

    His daughter Abigail has taken over the role of CEO of Fidelity Investments and Chairman of Fidelity International in 2014. As of 2012, Abigail owned up to 24% of the shares in Fidelity, had a net worth of $10.3 billion and was ranked 29th on the Forbes 400 rich list. His other daughter is Elizabeth L. Johnson.

  9. Nuveen - Wikipedia

    Nuveen was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1898 and originally focused solely on municipal bond underwriting and investments. While its investments today span nearly all major areas of capital markets, it is known for its size and influence in domestic fixed income generally, tax advantaged municipal bonds in particular and private real estate.