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  2. AOL

    x. AOL works best with the latest versions of the browsers. You're using an outdated or unsupported browser and some AOL features may not work properly.

  3. Web template system - Wikipedia

    A web template system in web publishing lets web designers and developers work with web templates to automatically generate custom web pages, such as the results from a search. This reuses static web page elements while defining dynamic elements based on web request parameters. Web templates support static content, providing basic structure and ...

  4. Help:Logging in - Wikipedia

    After doing this, it is advisable to explain the situation on the user page of the new account, to avoid sockpuppetry concerns. How to set preferences. Click on the My preferences link at the top right of the page for various options, including: Changing your password. Changing the skin, which changes the way that the web pages look. See Help ...

  5. Login - Wikipedia

    A login page may have a return URL parameter, which specifies where to redirect back after logging in or out. For example, it is returnto= on this site. In the case of websites that use cookies to track sessions, when the user logs out, session-only cookies from that site will usually be deleted from the user's computer.

  6. Template:Welcome/testcases - Wikipedia

    This is the template test cases page for the sandbox of Template:Welcome to update the examples. If there are many examples of a complicated template, later ones may break due to limits in MediaWiki; see the HTML comment "NewPP limit report" in the rendered page. You can also use Special:ExpandTemplates to examine the results of template uses. You can test how this page looks in the different ...

  7. Landing page - Wikipedia

    A landing page may be part of a microsite or a single page within an organization's main web site. Landing pages are often linked to social media , e-mail campaigns, search engine marketing campaigns, high quality articles or " affiliate account " in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements.

  8. Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/User manual - Wikipedia

    Only cosmetic changes are made - The initial page and the page after the changes are checked if they have the same HTML output. If they do, the page is skipped. For example, if only a template prefix is removed the page is skipped. Page is redirect — Skips the page if it redirects to another page.

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    related to: login page in html templates