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  2. USS Maine (1889) - Wikipedia

    Maine was the first U.S. capital ship to have its power plant given as high a priority as its fighting strength. Her machinery, built by the N. F. Palmer Jr. & Company's Quintard Iron Works of New York, was the first designed for a major ship under the direct supervision of Arctic explorer and soon-to-be commodore, George Wallace Melville.

  3. Second (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    Look up second, seconds, or 2nd in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.: A second is the base unit of time in the International System of Units (SI).. Second, Seconds or 2nd may also refer to:

  4. Denali - Wikipedia

    It would take the team three weeks to cover the same ground, as Karstens and Harper laboriously cut steps into the ice. On May 30, the team, with the help of some good weather, ascended to a new high camp, situated at 17,500 ft in the Grand Basin between the north and south peaks. On June 7, the team made the summit attempt.

  5. 2012 United States Senate elections - Wikipedia

    The 2012 United States Senate elections were held on November 6, 2012, with 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested in regular elections whose winners would serve six-year terms beginning January 3, 2013, with the 113th Congress.

  6. 1963 Elephant Mountain B-52 crash - Wikipedia

    In 2011, a Maine Forest Service employee found an ejection seat from the aircraft near an overgrown logging road while hunting. In May 2012 he returned to the site to take photos and record identification numbers to confirm it came from the ill-fated B-52. A recovery team retrieved the mostly intact ejection seat.

  7. South - Wikipedia

    South is one of the cardinal directions or compass points. South is the opposite of north and is perpendicular to east and west

  8. List of New England hurricanes - Wikipedia

    The storm also caused at least $50,000 (1869 USD) in damage in Maine alone. October 4, 1869 – The Saxby Gale crossed Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard as a Category 2 hurricane, before striking Maine as a Category 1 hurricane. In Maine, heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding, and high winds destroyed at least 90 houses.

  9. Manchester derby - Wikipedia

    6 April 1996 Maine Road 2–3 Premier League 29,668 18 November 2000 Maine Road 0–1 Premier League 34,429 9 November 2002 Maine Road 3–1 Premier League 34,649 14 March 2004 City of Manchester: 4–1 Premier League 47,284 13 February 2005 City of Manchester 0–2 Premier League 47,111 14 January 2006 City of Manchester 3–1 Premier League ...