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  2. List of mobile network operators of the Asia Pacific region

    2300 MHz WiMAX (East Malaysia only)-lease 2600 MHz spectrum to Maxis: Berjaya Corporation Berhad 8: Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) (Malaysia 5G Single Wholesale Network) 700 MHz(B28) LTE 3500 MHz(N77/78) 5G NR: Ministry of Finance (Malaysia) Mobile Virtual Network Operators; 1: XOX (uses Celcom) 1.7 (Mac 2017) XOX: 2: TuneTalk (uses Celcom) 1.5 ...

  3. Mobile phones and driving safety - Wikipedia

    Mobile phone use while driving is common but it is considered dangerous due to its potential for causing distracted driving and subsequent crashes. Due to the number of crashes that are related to conducting calls on a phone and texting while driving, some jurisdictions have made the use of calling on a phone while driving illegal in an attempt to curb the practice, with varying levels of ...

  4. Phone connector (audio) - Wikipedia

    Quarter-inch size. Modern phone connectors are available in three standard sizes. The original 1 ⁄ 4 inch (6.35 mm) version descends from as early as 1877, when the first-ever telephone switchboard was installed at 109 Court Street in Boston in a building owned by Charles Williams, Jr.; or 1878, when an early switchboard was used for the first commercial manual telephone exchange in New ...

  5. Telekom Malaysia - Wikipedia

    Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is a Malaysian telecommunications company founded in 1984.Beginning as the national telecommunications company for fixed line, radio and television broadcasting services, it has evolved to become the country's largest provider of broadband services, data, fixed-line, pay television and network services.

  6. Mobile number portability - Wikipedia

    A significant technical aspect of MNP is related to the routing of calls or mobile messages (SMS, MMS) to a number once it has been ported.There are various flavours of call routing implementation across the globe but the International and European best practice is via the use of a central database (CDB) of ported numbers.

  7. Telephone numbers in Malaysia - Wikipedia

    When calling from outside Malaysia, the leading zero is dropped. For example, a number 016-xxx xxxx is dialled as +60-16-xxx xxxx from outside Malaysia. Originally, each mobile phone operator was issued one mobile phone code. Through a series of mergers, there were three major mobile phone operators: Celcom, Maxis and Digi as of 2005. As ...

  8. Insurance - Wikipedia

    Property insurance as we know it today can be traced to the Great Fire of London, which in 1666 devoured more than 13,000 houses.The devastating effects of the fire converted the development of insurance "from a matter of convenience into one of urgency, a change of opinion reflected in Sir Christopher Wren's inclusion of a site for "the Insurance Office" in his new plan for London in 1667."

  9. Mobile phone industry in Russia - Wikipedia

    GSM standard is dominating in Russian mobile market with small number of NMT-450, AMPS/DAMPS subscribers. In 1994, a joint venture of Moscow City Telephone Network, T-Mobile and Siemens, which later became part of Mobile TeleSystems, offered Russia's first mobile phone service for the public in Moscow.