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  2. Common pochard - Wikipedia

    The common pochard (/ ˈ p ɒ tʃ ər d /; Aythya ferina) is a medium-sized diving duck.The scientific name is derived from Greek aithuia, an unidentified seabird mentioned by authors including Hesychius and Aristotle, and Latin ferina, "wild game", from ferus, "wild".

  3. Site map - Wikipedia

    A Sitemap is a list of pages of a web site within a domain.. There are three primary kinds of sitemap: Sitemaps used during the planning of a Web site by its designers.; Human-visible listings, typically hierarchical, of the pages on a site.

  4. MAP sensor - Wikipedia

    The MAP sensor is then used for rationality checks and to test the EGR valve. The way they do this is during a deceleration of the vehicle when there is low absolute pressure in the intake manifold (i.e., a high vacuum present in the intake manifold relative to the outside air) the powertrain control module (PCM) will open the EGR valve and ...

  5. Locator map - Wikipedia

    In cartography, a locator map, or just a locator, is typically a simple map used to show the location of a particular geographic region within its larger and presumably more familiar context. Depending on the needs of the cartographer, this type of map can be used on its own or as an inset or addition to a larger map.

  6. Michigan's congressional districts - Wikipedia's_congressional...

    The districts are currently represented in the 117th United States Congress by 7 Democrats and 7 Republicans.. Due to considerable demographic and population change in Michigan over the years, an individual numbered district today does not necessarily cover the same geographic area as the same numbered district before reapportionment.

  7. Antilinear map - Wikipedia

    where this inner product makes ′ and ¯ ′ into Hilbert spaces. The inner products , ′ and , ¯ ′ are antilinear in their second arguments. Moreover, the canonical norm induced by this inner product (that is, the norm defined by , ′) is consistent with the dual norm (that is, as defined above by the supremum over the unit ball); explicitly, this means that the following holds for ...

  8. Quotient space (topology) - Wikipedia

    In topology and related areas of mathematics, the quotient space of a topological space under a given equivalence relation is a new topological space constructed by endowing the quotient set of the original topological space with the quotient topology, that is, with the finest topology that makes continuous the canonical projection map (the function that maps points to their equivalence classes).

  9. Continental Divide of the Americas - Wikipedia

    A detailed map of watersheds in North America; A detailed overview of isolated wetlands from the USFWS Archived 2006-05-15 at the Wayback Machine; Detailed article, maps, and boundary data from The National Atlas of the United States; Parting of the Waters: a creek that flows to two oceans