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  2. Proper map - Wikipedia

    A map : → is called a compact covering if for every compact subset there exists some compact subset such that () =. A topological space is compact if and only if the map from that space to a single point is proper.

  3. Georgia's congressional districts - Wikipedia's_congressional...

    Webpage with a statewide map and population statistics; this page is less detailed than the “packet”. GIS (ESRI) shapefile of the district boundaries; KML (Google Earth) file of the district boundaries; Block equivalency file in CSV format providing the relationships between the districts and the 2010 Census blocks

  4. File:Florida topographic map-en.svg - Wikipedia

    This map was improved or created by the Wikigraphists of the Graphic Lab (fr). You can propose images to clean up, improve, create or translate as well. This SVG file contains embedded text that can be translated into your language, using any capable SVG editor, text editor or the SVG Translate tool .

  5. Yandex Maps - Wikipedia

    Yandex.Maps (Russian: Яндекс.Карты) is a Russian web mapping service developed by Yandex.The service provides detailed maps of the whole world. [citation needed] It includes a search, information about traffic jams, routing and street panoramas.

  6. Sinusoidal projection - Wikipedia

    The sinusoidal projection is a pseudocylindrical equal-area map projection, sometimes called the Sanson–Flamsteed or the Mercator equal-area projection.Jean Cossin of Dieppe was one of the first mapmakers to use the sinusoidal, appearing in a world map of 1570.

  7. File:Hertfordshire UK location map.svg - Wikipedia

    Description: Map of Hertfordshire, UK with the following information shown: . Administrative borders; Coastline, lakes and rivers; Roads and railways; Urban areas; Equirectangular map projection on WGS 84 datum, with N/S stretched 160%

  8. Mendip - Wikipedia

    Mendip may refer to: . Mendip District, a local government district of Somerset, England; Mendip Hills, a group of hills in Somerset, England . Mendip Way, a footpath across the Mendip Hills

  9. Distance transform - Wikipedia

    A distance transform, also known as distance map or distance field, is a derived representation of a digital image.The choice of the term depends on the point of view on the object in question: whether the initial image is transformed into another representation, or it is simply endowed with an additional map or field.