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  2. Kiran (typeface) - Wikipedia

    2010: A free tool to convert text from Unicode to the Kiran font was made available; 2012: The Indian Rupee Currency Symbol was added in all the fonts. The character is mapped at ASCII 0226 (Alt+0226) and its official Unicode code point U+20b9; 2012: KF-Prachi.ttf, KF-Jui.ttf were released as free fonts; 2012: KF-Bhaskar.ttf was released for a fee

  3. Lohit fonts - Wikipedia

    Lohit is a font family designed to cover Indic scripts and released by Red Hat. The Lohit fonts currently cover 11 languages: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu. [1] The fonts were supplied by Modular Infotech and licensed under the GPL. In September 2011, they were retroactively ...

  4. Modi script - Wikipedia

    Modi ( Marathi: मोडी, Mōḍī, Marathi pronunciation: [moːɖiː]) [3] is a script used to write the Marathi language, which is the primary language spoken in the state of Maharashtra, India. There are multiple theories concerning its origin. [4] The Modi script was used alongside the Devanagari script to write Marathi until the 20th ...

  5. Devanagari - Wikipedia

    Santipur OT is a beautiful font reflecting a very early [medieval era] typesetting style for Devanagari. Sanskrit 2003 is a good all-around font and has more ligatures than most fonts, though students will probably find the spacing of the CDAC-Gist Surekh font makes for quicker comprehension and reading.

  6. Devanagari (Unicode block) - Wikipedia

    Devanagari is a Unicode block containing characters for writing languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bodo, Maithili, Sindhi, Nepali, and Sanskrit, among others. In its original incarnation, the code points U+0900..U+0954 were a direct copy of the characters A0-F4 from the 1988 ISCII standard. The Bengali, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu ...

  7. Template:Devfonthelp - Wikipedia

    This template shall keep you informed about how to use Devanagari Script's Marathi/Hindi/Nepali language fonts on internet.We are pleased that you have taken first step to understand the same. This page contains Indic text .

  8. Devanagari transliteration - Wikipedia

    Devanagari is an Indic script used for many Indo-Aryan languages of North India and Nepal, including Hindi, Marathi and Nepali, which was the script used to write Classical Sanskrit. There are several somewhat similar methods of transliteration from Devanagari to the Roman script (a process sometimes called romanisation ), including the ...

  9. Magnetic ink character recognition - Wikipedia

    Magnetic ink character recognition code, known in short as MICR code, is a character recognition technology used mainly by the banking industry to streamline the processing and clearance of cheques and other documents. MICR encoding, called the MICR line, is at the bottom of cheques and other vouchers and typically includes the document-type ...