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  2. Mayo Clinic - Wikipedia

    Coordinates. The Mayo Clinic (/ ˈ m eɪ j oʊ /) is a nonprofit American academic medical center focused on integrated health care, education, and research. It employs over 4,500 physicians and scientists, along with another 58,400 administrative and allied health staff, across three major campuses: Rochester, Minnesota; Jacksonville, Florida; and Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona.

  3. Harris Health System - Wikipedia

    Prior to 1991 the county operated a clinic in the Bordersville area of Houston. In 1991 the Lyons Clinic opened and the county closed the Bordersville clinic. The county's Ripley clinic closed as a result of the opening of the Gulfgate clinic in 2000. The Martin Luther King Health Center first opened on April 28, 1972.

  4. Curettage - Wikipedia

    Curettage (/ ˌ k j ʊər ɪ ˈ t ɑː ʒ / or / k j ʊəˈr ɛ t ɪ dʒ /), in medical procedures, is the use of a curette (French, meaning scoop) to remove tissue by scraping or scooping. ...

  5. Medical record - Wikipedia

    Under Canadian federal law, the patient owns the information contained in a medical record, but the healthcare provider owns the records themselves. The same is true for both nursing home and dental records. In cases where the provider is an employee of a clinic or hospital, it is the employer that has ownership of the records.

  6. Anasarca - Wikipedia

    Anasarca is a severe and generalized form of edema, with subcutaneous tissue swelling throughout the body. Unlike typical edema, which almost everyone will experience at some time and can be relatively benign, anasarca is a pathological process reflecting a severe disease state and can involve the cavities of the body in addition to the tissues.

  7. Ureteral cancer - Wikipedia

    Symptoms. Ureter cancer rarely causes problems in the early stages, but as the cancer progresses, there are often side effects. Symptoms of ureteral cancer may include "blood in the urine (); diminished urine stream and straining to void (caused by urethral stricture); frequent urination and increased nighttime urination (); hardening of tissue in the perineum, labia, or penis; itching ...

  8. Dawn phenomenon - Wikipedia

    Management of the dawn phenomenon varies by patient and thus should be done with regular assistance from a patient's physician. Some treatment options include, but are not limited to, dietary modifications, increased exercise before breakfast and during the evening, and oral anti-hyperglycemic medications if a patient's HbA1c is > 7%.

  9. Derailment (thought disorder) - Wikipedia

    "I have choose right over wrong. When there are two options, I have to look to the right. I can choose left or right, but always look right."—patient interview, Mayo Clinic. History. Entgleisen (derailment in German) was first used with this meaning by Carl Schneider in 1930.