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  2. User (computing) - Wikipedia

    A user is a person who utilizes a computer or network service. A user often has a user account and is identified to the system by a username (or user name ). Other terms for username include login name, screenname (or screen name ), account name, nickname (or nick) and handle, which is derived from the identical citizens band radio term.

  3. User experience - Wikipedia

    The user experience ( UX) is how a user interacts with and experiences a product, system or service. It includes a person's perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency. Improving user experience is important to most companies, designers, and creators when creating and refining products because negative user experience can diminish the ...

  4. User experience design - Wikipedia

    User interface (UI) design is the process of making interfaces in software or computerized devices with a focus on looks or style. Designers aim to create designs users will find easy to use and pleasurable. UI design typically refers to graphical user interfaces but also includes others, such as voice-controlled ones. [34] Visual designers [ edit]

  5. User profile - Wikipedia

    A user profile is a collection of settings and information associated with a user. It contains critical information that is used to identify an individual, such as their name, age, portrait photograph and individual characteristics such as knowledge or expertise. [1]

  6. Information behavior - Wikipedia

    Information-seeking behavior is a more specific concept of information behavior. It specifically focuses on searching, finding, and retrieving information. Information-seeking behavior research can focus on improving information systems or, if it includes information need, can also focus on why the user behaves the way they do.

  7. Power user - Wikipedia

    A power user is a user of computers, software and other electronic devices, who uses advanced features of computer hardware, [1] [2] [3] operating systems, [4] programs, or websites [5] which are not used by the average user.

  8. User error - Wikipedia

    Phrases used by the tech savvy to mean that a problem is caused entirely by the fault of the user include PEBKAC (an acronym for "problem exists between keyboard and chair"), PEBCAK (an alternative, but similar, acronym for "problem exists between chair and keyboard"), POBCAK (a US government/military acronym for "problem occurs between chair ...