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  2. CNN controversies - Wikipedia

    CNN has often been the subject of allegations of party bias.In research conducted by the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University and the Project for Excellence in Journalism, the authors found disparate treatment by CNN of Republican and Democratic candidates during the earliest five months of the presidential primaries in 2007: "The CNN programming ...

  3. Fox News controversies - Wikipedia

    Fox News has been described by academics, media figures, political figures, and watchdog groups as being biased in favor of the Republican Party in its news coverage, as perpetuating conservative bias, and as misleading their audience in relation to science, notably climate change.

  4. Media democracy - Wikipedia

    Media democracy is grounded in creating a mass media system that favours a diversity of voices and opinions over ownership or consolidation, in an effort to eliminate bias in coverage. This, in turn, leads to the informed public debate necessary for a democratic state.

  5. Censorship of Facebook - Wikipedia

    Facebook has been replacing traditional media channels since its founding in 2004. Censorship in the media, especially on Facebook, is due to a variety of reasons, since Facebook accepts all kinds of content, with little or no moderation.

  6. Internet censorship in Thailand - Wikipedia

    Most Internet censorship in Thailand prior to the September 2006 military coup d'├ętat was focused on blocking pornographic websites. The following years have seen a constant stream of sometimes violent protests, regional unrest, emergency decrees, a new cybercrimes law, and an updated Internal Security Act.

  7. The Babylon Bee - Wikipedia

    The Babylon Bee is a conservative Christian news satire website that publishes satirical articles on topics including religion, politics, current events, and public figures. . It has been referred to in the media as a Christian, evangelical, or conservative version of The Oni

  8. NPR - Wikipedia

    National Public Radio (NPR, stylized in all lowercase, npr) is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization based in Washington, D.C. NPR is based in two locations: main NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C. (often called the "mothership" of NPR) and NPR West headquarters in Culver City, California.

  9. Murder of Kitty Genovese - Wikipedia

    The reasons include the fact that onlookers see that others are not helping either, that onlookers believe others will know better how to help, and that onlookers feel uncertain about helping while others are watching. The Genovese case thus became a classic feature of social psychology textbooks in the United States and the United Kingdom.