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  2. Physical design (electronics) - Wikipedia

    In integrated circuit design, physical design is a step in the standard design cycle which follows after the circuit design.At this step, circuit representations of the components (devices and interconnects) of the design are converted into geometric representations of shapes which, when manufactured in the corresponding layers of materials, will ensure the required functioning of the components.

  3. Hinduism in Malaysia - Wikipedia

    Hinduism is the fourth largest religion in Malaysia.About 1.78 million Malaysian residents (6.3% of the total population) are Hindus, according to 2010 Census of Malaysia.

  4. Electronic Key Management System - Wikipedia

    The CF talks to other EKMS elements through a variety of media, communication devices, and networks, either through direct distance dialing using STU-III (data mode) or dedicated link access using KG-84s. During the transition to full electronic key, the 3.5-inch floppy disk and 9-track magnetic tape are also supported.

  5. Consumer electronics - Wikipedia

    One overriding characteristic of consumer electronic products is the trend of ever-falling prices. This is driven by gains in manufacturing efficiency and automation, lower labor costs as manufacturing has moved to lower-wage countries, and improvements in semiconductor design.

  6. Digital electronics - Wikipedia

    Digital electronics is a field of electronics involving the study of digital signals and the engineering of devices that use or produce them. This is in contrast to analog electronics and analog signals.

  7. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

    The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Korean: 한국전자통신연구원; Hanja: 韓國電子通信硏究院) is a Korean government-funded research institution in Daedeok Science Town in Daejeon, Republic of Korea

  8. Solder mask - Wikipedia

    Solder mask comes in different media depending upon the demands of the application. The lowest-cost solder mask is epoxy liquid that is silkscreened through the pattern onto the PCB. Other types are the liquid photoimageable solder mask (LPSM or LPI) inks and dry-film photoimageable solder mask (DFSM).

  9. Rindler coordinates - Wikipedia

    The Rindler observers. In the new chart with = and =, it is natural to take the coframe field =, =, =, = which has the dual frame field =, =, =, = This defines a local Lorentz frame in the tangent space at each event (in the region covered by our Rindler chart, namely the Rindler wedge).