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  2. List of medical abbreviations - Wikipedia

    The prevalent way to represent plurals for medical acronyms and initialisms is simply to affix a lowercase s (no apostrophe ). Example: one OCP, two OCPs [oral contraceptive pills]. [2] Possessives [ edit] Possessive forms are not often needed, but can be formed using apostrophe + s. Often the writer can also recast the sentence to avoid it.

  3. List of medical abbreviations: 0–9 - Wikipedia

    Dx - Diagnosis, Sx - Symptoms, Fx - Fracture, Tx - Treatment, Hx - History S/b-seen by. Sortable table. Abbreviation. Meaning. Δ. diagnosis; change. ΔΔ. differential diagnosis (the list of possible diagnoses, and the effort to narrow that list)

  4. List of medical abbreviations: A - Wikipedia

    arteria, see Artery. Aag. abdominal aortic aneurysm (pronounced "triple-A") AAD. antibiotic-associated diarrhea. AAI. acute arterial insufficiency. AAPMC. antibiotic-associated pseudomembranous colitis.

  5. List of medical abbreviations: M - Wikipedia

    medical representativemental retardationmitral regurgitationmodified release (compare time release technology (medicine) )menstrual regulation (unsafe abortion)

  6. List of medical abbreviations: I - Wikipedia

    iron deficiency anemia. IDC. idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. indwelling catheter. infiltrating ductal carcinoma. IDDM. insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (now called diabetes mellitus type 1 ) IDL. intermediate-density lipoprotein.

  7. List of medical abbreviations: S - Wikipedia

    sarcoidosis. SARS. severe acute respiratory syndrome. SB. small bowel (see small intestine ) SBE. subacute bacterial endocarditis. SBFT. small bowel follow through.

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    related to: medical abbreviation dictionary