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  2. List of medical abbreviations - Wikipedia

    Certain medical abbreviations are avoided to prevent mistakes, according to best practices (and in some cases regulatory requirements); these are flagged in the list of abbreviations used in medical prescriptions . Contents 1 Orthographic styling 1.1 Periods (stops) 1.2 Plurals 1.3 Possessives 1.4 Arrows 2 Pronunciation

  3. List of medical abbreviations: A - Wikipedia

    Abbreviation Meaning ā (a with a bar over it) before (from Latin ante) before: A: assessment a.a. of each (from Latin ana ana) amino acids: A or Ala – alanine; C or Cys – cysteine; D or Asp – aspartic acid; E or Glu – glutamic acid; F or Phe – phenylalanine; H or His – histidine; I or Ile – isoleucine; K or Lys – lysine; L or ...

  4. List of medical abbreviations: H - Wikipedia

    acronym for a group of bacteria that are a frequent cause of endocarditis in children HAD: HIV-associated dementia: HADS: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale: HAE: hereditary angioedema: H/A: headache: HAI: healthcare-associated infection or hospital-acquired infection: HALE: health-adjusted life expectancy HAPE: high-altitude pulmonary edema ...

  5. List of medical abbreviations: 0–9 - Wikipedia

    Dx - Diagnosis, Sx - Symptoms, Fx - Fracture, Tx - Treatment, Hx - History S/b-seen by. Sortable table. Abbreviation. Meaning. Δ. diagnosis; change. ΔΔ. differential diagnosis (the list of possible diagnoses, and the effort to narrow that list)

  6. List of medical abbreviations: I - Wikipedia

    iron deficiency anemia. IDC. idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. indwelling catheter. infiltrating ductal carcinoma. IDDM. insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (now called diabetes mellitus type 1 ) IDL. intermediate-density lipoprotein.

  7. List of medical abbreviations: Q - Wikipedia

    qAc. Before every meal (from Latin quaque ante cibum) q.a.d. every other day (from Latin quaque altera die ) QALY. quality-adjusted life year. q.AM. every day before noon (from Latin quaque die ante meridiem ) q.d.

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    related to: medical abbreviations