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  2. Automotive lighting - Wikipedia

    Depending on the left and right lamps' height, the lower edge of the CHMSL may be just above the left and right lamps' upper edge. The 1952 Volkswagen Bus was equipped with only one stop lamp, mounted centrally and higher than the left and right rear lamps which did not produce a stop lamp function.

  3. Baby boomers - Wikipedia

    Etymology. The term baby boom refers to a noticeable increase in the birth rate. The post-World War II population increase was described as a "boom" by various newspaper reporters, including Sylvia F. Porter in a column in the May 4, 1951, edition of the New York Post, based on the increase of 2,357,000 in the population of the U.S. from 1940 to 1950.

  4. List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft ...

    Coming out of a knife edge pass, followed by a roll, 5 contacts the lake surface at ~500 mph and literally skis across the surface, striking a six-foot high sheet steel piling retaining wall on the edge of Toronto Island Airport and disintegrating. Wreckage (turbine) is thrown as far as 3,483.6 feet from point of initial impact.

  5. Wikipedia:CHECKWIKI/WPC 513 dump - Wikipedia

    This page contains a dump analysis for errors #513 (Internal link inside external link).. It can be generated using WPCleaner by any user. It's possible to update this page by following the procedure below: