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  2. Merrill Edge - Wikipedia

    Merrill Edge is an electronic trading platform provided by BofA Securities, part of Bank of America's retail banking division. It was launched on June 21, 2010. Merrill Edge was created to merge Bank of America Online Investing (Quick & Reilly) and Merrill Lynch's research, investment tools, and call center counsel.

  3. John Thain - Wikipedia

    John Alexander Thain (born May 26, 1955) is an American businessman, investment banker, and former chair and CEO of the CIT Group.. Thain was the last chairman and chief executive officer of Merrill Lynch before its merger with Bank of America.

  4. Harold Ford Jr. - Wikipedia

    Harold Eugene Ford Jr. (born May 11, 1970) is an American financial managing director, pundit, author, and former U.S. congressman who served from 1997–2007 in the United States House of Representatives as a member of the Democratic Party from Tennessee's 9th congressional district, centered in Memphis.

  5. Creative accounting - Wikipedia

    Creative accounting is a euphemism referring to accounting practices that may follow the letter of the rules of standard accounting practices, but deviate from the spirit of those rules with questionable accounting ethics—specifically distorting results in favor of the "preparers", or the firm that hired the accountant.

  6. Bulge bracket - Wikipedia

    In 1975, to more reflect economic reality, Morgan Stanley removed Kuhn, Loeb and Dillon, Read, and replaced them with Merrill Lynch, Salomon Brothers and Goldman Sachs. Chernow describes' Morgan Stanley's place at the top of the bracket as a "gilded anachronism" by the late 1970s.

  7. Clayton, Dubilier & Rice - Wikipedia,_Dubilier_&_Rice

    Clayton, Dubilier & Rice is an American private equity company. It is one of the oldest private equity investment firms in the world. Founded in 1978, CD&R has managed the investment of more than $30 billion in approximately 90 businesses, representing a broad range of industries with an aggregate transaction value in excess of $140 billion.